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One Degree wrote:A poster used smallpox as an example of a vaccination we could not do without. I made a quick reply just to indicate there is another side to an argument that I personally do not want to get into. My purpose was to let posters know there was information out there if they were interested in this side of the debate on a factual basis. You probably remember how technical the last debate on this subject became.

...and my point is that even the example you did find of an unnecessary vaccination is only unnecessary because it was so successful.
Oxymoron wrote:So you have nothing to back up your sorry argument so you resort to meme's sorry response leftist zombie.

When did rudimentary logic from thousands of years ago become a "meme?"

Anyway, your lack of logic is relevant because it's the same lack of logic that you're applying to the autism debate here.

Just because you feel like there's an answer you just made up, does not mean that it supersedes material existence.
anna wrote:There is no link between vaccines and autism, and both the research and the researcher who made that claim, have been thoroughly discredited. Search for Andrew Wakefield.

I sort of figured that, but I am trying a new thing in 2017 where I give everyone's crazy ideas a chance and see where they can go with them. Predictably there wasn't much meat on the bone to chew on.

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