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Immigration and Customs Enforcement informed The Daily Caller Tuesday that a man arrested last week for allegedly sexually assaulting and robbing several young girls is an illegal immigrant.

Daniel Omar Mejia-Reyes, 27, was arrested in Long Branch, N.J., last Wednesday after attacking three girls, ages 12, 14 and 16, in one afternoon, according to a criminal complaint obtained by TheDC.

According to the complaint, Mejia-Reyes grabbed the 14-year-old victim “and attempted to drag her away from her location, while grabbing her vagina, and making lewd sexual comments.”

He allegedly took the 12-year-old’s cellphone and touched her genitalia. He also committed robbery by the use of force by shaking the 16-year-old’s shoulders and taking an iPhone 5s from the victim’s hand, according to the complaint.

Check the story out here HERE From Newsheist
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