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Godstud wrote:You are the one who thinks an argument has anything to do with your 'locale'. Can you stop making childish posts and HAVE an argument? I respond to arguments, not blather.

So you are saying a person who never interacted with African Americans, never lived in America, who job it is not to study the Sociological conditions of this group of people is an equal judge to someone who actually has done at least two of those things? My main point is that you are talking from ignorance, and worse from SJW talking points rather then logic, evidence and experience.
You are making VERY stupid assumptions about me. I lived in the US for 5 years, so I guess I can comment. Right?

Anecdotal evidence is not good evidence, either. You have to resort to labeling me, as a SJW :lol: , to strengthen an otherwise non-existent argument? Pathetically weak.

Your "experiences" are bullshit, and only limited to you. They are not indicative of everyone. This is why people should not judge everything according to personal experience.

"I met an American once. He was an asshole. All Americans are, therefore, assholes." - Can you see the fail in this argument?

You are not making an argument based on logic, or evidence... just experience. See above for why that's dumb.
Oxymoron wrote:Innocent till proven guilty does not claim false allegations. Allegations can be true, I ask for guilt to be proven before innocent peoples lives are destroyed.

Yes, and the law will see to that.

This will, of course, happen regardless of whether or not you bring it up. So why did you bring it up in this thread?
Oxymoron wrote:Do you believe in innocent till proven guilty?
If you can assume that he's innocent, then I can assume that he's not. Understand?

I merely tend to side with the victim... 4 in this case, since it's far more likely that it's true.

You're the one who thinks anecdotal evidence is reasonable. If so it's 4 against 1.

Oxymoron wrote:Courts cannot protect from people like you destroying peoples lives without evidence, without guilt being proven.
If he's innocent, then his life will not be destroyed.
Oxymoron wrote:Now in sex crimes, the fine line between consent and rape needs to be analyzed so that innocent men do not go to jail or get their lives destroyed for a mutual agreement between adults. Like in the Duke Lacrosse case.

Oxymoron wrote:I am not defending anyone, I am defending human rights.

Dude he was a full grown man picking up 14 year olds.
Total bore. We're supposed to come to the defense of an impudent slut, just like we're supposed to defend Antifa/BLM against the neo-Nazis after the Antifa/BLM people start a fight with them. Whatever. Grab 'em by the pussy! :D
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