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Just when you thought they couldn't get any crazier, the Democrats have filed about the most ridiculous lawsuit in the history of politics.

The most ridiculous lawsuit ever

Clearly, now that it is obvious Mueller has come up empty handed--and I assume they thought they'd get something from the independent counsel other than a likely indictment of Andy McCabe--the Democrats are going to give the Trump administration discovery powers. So they will finally be able to subpoena the DNC's server, look into Seth Rich's hacking of the DNC server, etc. :D :excited: 8) :cheers:
Yes, they must keep something going up to the elections. If Trump is exonerated, the Dems will drop at least 5% of their support.
I am surprised in our primary campaigns they are arguing about who supports Trump the most. Any hope they would turn against him seems to have been misplaced. Even those who did not support him are claiming they really did. Ofcourse, this is Indiana. :)
Yeah, I was wrong about this ending yet again. They're obviously thinking, why let this end with Mueller? If they can find a lower court that will let this go forward, they can even create a "hook" for their media minions to claim that the DNC was right. Pretty amazing.
Huh. This is similar to a case in which the Democrats sued Nixon et al over the Watergate break-in. The Democrats won.

The DNC in 1972 had sued President Richard Nixon's election committee in connection with the break-in at the party's headquarters in the Watergate building in Washington by burglars connected to the committee. The Nixon campaign settled that suit for $750,000 on the same day that Nixon resigned in disgrace in August 1974 as a result of his efforts to cover-up White House ties to the Watergate burglars.

I heard this case will before a judge who was a prosecutor in the 1972 Watergate affair.

Those who don't learn the lessons of history....
Stormsmith wrote:Those who don't learn the lessons of history....

No it's not a repeat... This time it's the Democratic Party accused of Corrupting the Primary process and trying to suppress the evidence. This is a counter-accusation lawsuit, not an initial-accusation lawsuit. It's not the same, don't pretend it is.

Democrats were the initial accusers of corruption in the Watergate scandal... This time it was the Republicans as the initial accusers of corruption amoungst Democratic ranks.
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Stormsmith wrote:I heard this case will before a judge who was a prosecutor in the 1972 Watergate affair.

Those who don't learn the lessons of history....

Well the obvious difference is that there is no question about whether or not Nixon campaign staffers broke in to the DNC offices at the Watergate complex. They got caught. With the DNC today, it's a bit different. The DNC refused to turn their server over to the FBI for forensic investigation. Since the DNC is the one hiding the evidence, they'll have a more difficult time proving their case. Also, since the leaker was Seth Rich, and he was murdered (gulp), it's not as if they are going to be able to tie Seth Rich to Trump or Russia. On the contrary, he was going to testify to the FBI the next day--the same FBI embroiled in controversy for their obvious pro-Hillary Clinton disposition.

Hong Wu wrote:The DNC never provided their servers to investigators but they will have to provide them to Trump and Wikileaks now. :lol:

Right, and if the DNC scrubbed the servers--as Hillary did with her email servers--they've basically killed their own case in the crib.

jimjam wrote:Could this be .......... :hmm:

Urban Dictionary: circle jerk
1.) When a group of males sit in a circle, (metaphorically) jerking each other off.

Is that all you've got left? The noose is tightening! We're really super frightened now! Uh oh! The DNC is suing!
My vague understanding is they can use whatever Mueller finds in a related civil suit, however, with the DNC server having never been examined, the hacked emails angle could never be proven in a court (Mueller is still at the indictment stage). And that is what has baffled me about this. The DNC should be able to understand that in a way, they aren't even trying, it's all burnt earth litigation with no clear gains in mind.
Zagadka wrote:Disclaimer; this move is stupid, but stupid seems to be the defining trait of this era. At the same time, you have people who chanted "lock her up" over e-mail servers are now upset at being investigated.

Amen. We seem to have finally reached the stage where you don’t even have to pretend you are right as long as you can find a judge to agree with you. We have successfully replaced reason with legalism.
All hail the lawyers.
blackjack21 wrote:Is that all you've got left? The noose is tightening! We're really super frightened now! Uh oh! The DNC is suing!

No, i got lot's left. That's all i have left for a boring childish thread consisting the latest meaningless political nonsense which is entertaining a group of people vigorously agreeing with each other. Should i research the endless pile of shit regurgitated by Donald and start a thread, for example, about how China invented the term "global warming"?
Or: "I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall. Mark my words." :lol:
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