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With his campaign webpage at up and running already, Joe Biden has called Trump a clown. I'm not sure whether Biden and his aides understand that Operation Honk and the "clown world" meme are currently in full swing but calling Trump a clown even though us literal nazis basically own clowns now is tantamount to declaring meme war.

In case you don't know what Clown World and Operation Honk are, here's your primer:

I for one won't let them take clowns from us. This operation is also about reclaiming the rainbow, something I've been arguing for for a long time. They'll get my high capacity shoes when they pry them off of my cold, dead feet. This can't end like trash dove did, that bird got the axe the second the alt right co-opted him:
An ideology that's based entirely upon 4chan memes is pretty great. Jordan Peterson getting revealed as a completely ignorant pretender cannot stop this movement because it is entirely based on people pretending to understand things. Again, I relate because I can pretend to understand things that I'm vaguely familiar with, but every honest person can recognize this essential ignorance. People who uphold this ridiculous ideology firmly believe that there is no reason to actually know anything because they can just "feel" reality based on facile assumptions. Sometimes I wish I was so stupidly confident, but I'm too honest to make that pretention. I'm a dummy and so are you. We only differ in the pretention to actual knowledge. "Logic and Facts" :lol:
Biden is going to be fun. With the Russia investigation, it's going to be interesting hearing Biden explain how his son--with no prior experience--formed a hedge fund and raised a billion dollars from China after flying over there with VP daddy. Hopefully, he'll explain that right after he explains how he got a prosecutor fired for investigating his son working for pro-Russian Ukrainian pols, and making many big bucks--much more than Paul Manafort I expect.

I don't expect anyone who fell for Russiagate to be even remotely interested in Biden's dirty dealings--like the Clintons--for which there is copious amounts of hard evidence.

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