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skinster wrote:And really, we can call every terrorist a "mentally ill retard" but I don't see the above type of sympathy extended to those in the news that are people of colour in any threads on this forum. How odd.

There are mentally ill people of color. However, the bigger problem that tends to make people both violent and resistant to de-escalation is drugs.

Sivad wrote:No, from what I've read the guy had a clinical diagnosis of bipolar schizophrenic and he lacked the competence to pass Army basic, he has an actual mental illness and he's mildly retarded.

Competent to stand trial doesn't mean "devoid of mental illness," it just means that the prosecution believes it can establish that the defendant knew what he was doing. There are lots of people with anxiety, depression, anger issues, etc. that are held competent to stand trial. For a person to be held incompetent, they had to be more or less out of their minds. Fields was able to operate a motor vehicle, so he was deemed competent.

Sivad wrote:I don't really care what they do with him but the life plus 419 years is a statement of moral outrage and it's a total joke given that the liberal mob that demanded the sentence and the liberal system that passed it are all way worse terrorists than that lame fucker.

Well the lame part of it is that they don't have the balls to hand him a death sentence.

redcarpet wrote:He was cleared for the trial, no mental illness.

Competent to stand trial isn't the same thing as no mental illness.

maz wrote:Too bad James Fields wasn't a wealthy Jewish man running a child sex service for other wealthy elites

Or a wealthy Democrat running for the White House after a DNC staffer mysteriously dies. :roll:

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