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By Godstud
@Wulfschilde Lying yet AGAIN. He said there should be Zero discrimination against that person.
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By Wulfschilde
Well the video is up there for anyone who wants to watch it!

I'm also wondering whether Joe Biden's people are manipulating betting odds and perhaps also YouTube and TV ratings.

In the case of betting odds, considering the massive amounts of money spent, it really can't be that expensive to make enough bets to skew the odds. You even get a profit back should you actually win!

Faking YouTube watches would be pretty easy, faking TV ratings, I'm not sure how that would work.

Basically, Biden actually beat Trump in ratings recently, which is bizarre considering that neither he nor Hillary have ever done that before. There's three explanations I can think of:

1) Biden had a sudden surge in enthusiasm even though almost no one shows up to see him in person.
2) The ratings were faked by having computers watch, presumably using virtual operating systems etc. In the case of TV ratings, the article I read about Biden's ratings bonanza was based upon smart TV systems, which are pretty digital and therefore probably as easy to fake as YouTube views.
3) Biden had a surge in viewership because people were interested in the Hunter Biden story, only to see him go on about 8 year-old transvestites and not get asked any questions about what has recently dominated the news cycle. Basically the "Streisand effect", the Hunter Biden stories were suppressed on Facebook and Twitter and that usually only makes people more interested.
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By QatzelOk

Some nice split-screen work here, with a young black guy asking a very open-ended question "Why should young black voters vote for you?" followed by Joe explaining how "to get them to make more money and learn more words."

The blank stare that lasts for the entire duration of Biden's canned answer is my response as well.

I'd like to see a young Palestinian ask Bibi Netanyahu the same question before the next election in Israel.
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By Wulfschilde
Yeah, I may be biased as a conservative but I have trouble seeing how Biden's townhall helped him. Biden's answer there, I could hardly even follow it and judging from that guy's expression he couldn't either. That we are being told this guy is ahead by double digits is honestly kind of funny to me, I can't really mock it yet since the in-person early voting hasn't really started but I don't believe it.

Like, that black guy's expression was literally the joking expression frequently used by a black YouTube comedian I often watch, except that kid was completely serious:
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By colliric
Biden was boring as shit. Meanwhile Trump gave us one of the most of entertaining Town Halls I have ever seen against a journalist actually giving him good tough questions.

Definitely on the comeback trail, three weeks to go.

Biden is getting kid gloves treatment, while Trump is firing on all cylinders.
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By QatzelOk
Wulfschilde wrote:Yeah, I may be biased as a conservative...

I consider myself a REAL conservative, and I think both USA prez candidates suck very, very hard.

If a black guy had asked Trump the same question, the response would have been equally shivers-causing. They're both just the hired hands of Billionaire Mafia.

In fact, with Democratic voters showing a lot of sympathy for taxing billionaires and introducing social programs, their party HQ probably wants Trump to win because... he will ensure that the billionaire owners of the Democrat Party pay less taxes.

So really, Trump is not on the choice of Republican Billionaires, he's also the real choice of Democratic Billionaires as well. Joe Biden is there as "a straw man" to make rich Dems feel like they still *stand for something other than their own enrichment.*

This is why the Hunter Biden story is so important. It rubs in the fact that the Dems and Repubs both stand for nothing other than the rackets the banksters and pentagon help them set up.
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By Drlee
I'm also wondering whether Joe Biden's people are manipulating betting odds and perhaps also YouTube and TV ratings.

They are. They are using the despicable techniques of:

Winning in the polls

Telling the truth,

Speaking to the issues that are important to Americans

Showing that they care about everyday Americans

Appealing to women voters

You know. All the cheating stuff that Trump does not do.
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By maz
Godstud wrote:@Wulfschilde Lying yet AGAIN. He said there should be Zero discrimination against that person.

This isn't the first time that a mentally ill woman was invited to talk about her child's development problems during a presidential debate. Can you explain the media's obsession with pre-pubescent children whose mothers want to raise them as the wrong gender?

I mean, with all the problems going on in America, is this really something that needs to be addressed by Joe Biden?
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By Finfinder
Godstud wrote:You are more than fine when it's Trump's corruption. :lol: Talk about lying to yourself! :knife:

Lying to yourself is a foreigner who thinks their Anti American opinion matters. Didn't know you had a vote did you steal a ballot or something? :lol:

late wrote:Biden won, hands down.
Trump needs to stop the election being about him, a referendum on him. His dodging the obvious and running away from responsibility won't do that.
Trump's biggest drop in the polls came after the first debate. Hard to imagine even more Trump being a good thing.

That is priceless considering the liberal agenda was not to govern but get Trump out of office. That blue wave election was more like a post nasal drip. What do the liberal have to show for it? A failed fake impeachment. :lol:

late wrote:Biden looked pretty good. Rational, responsible, reasonably well informed and articulate, the polar opposite of Trump

Is that supposed to be a glowing review........ and I didn't think the bar could be lower.

Here, let me fix that quote for you.

late wrote:Biden looked pretty good considering the embalming fluid is an irritant and flammable.
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By Drlee
I mean, with all the problems going on in America, is this really something that needs to be addressed by Joe Biden?

Keep in mind that he does not get to choose the questions that are asked. No doubt he would just as soon not bother with this issue and I would just as soon he didn't either.

This is a medical issue and the mother should take it up with her doctor.


We can see from this thread that it is an issue that the Republicans want to discuss because it is a trigger for their fundamentalist base. So at the end of the day this is an issue because Republicans have made it one.
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By Godstud
@Finfinder I don't need citizenship nor a ballot to point out your lies and hypocrisy. :D
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By QatzelOk
About the Biden campaign, Drlee wrote:Speaking to the issues that are important to Americans

I watched the presidential debate (they both would have been red-carded for empty trolling and non-stop ad hom). I guess the most important issues for voters are Biden's son's success or non-success, and what they are going to do about masks and all the upcoming lockdowns as we enter four more years of Covids.

I was happy to hear very little depressing news about the economy, foreign wars, or growing inequality, since these issues aren't nearly as important as which of their children has had a drug problem.

Likewise, Joe Biden's "answer" the question by the young black man... demonstrates a politics compltely devoid of honesty or real concern for ordinary people of any color.
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By colliric
Godstud wrote:Right. You guys would rather vote for Trump

Donald Trump is better for Australia than Joe Biden. ... -c-1397911

If he wins we get the potential of hosting more Bruce Springsteen concerts..... (I don't mind him moving to Australia, it's a win-win situation to me!)

:p :up:

Trump wins, we get Springsteen as a Christmas present!

Make America Great Again!
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By Wulfschilde
Rudy Giuliani says that he'll release direct evidence of Joe Biden's involvement in an access scheme 10 days before the election.

Like most people I hate political theater and would prefer he release it sooner. Calling literally everything fake news for years will probably not help with the denialism but they'll probably claim deepfakes, illegal information, more Russian hacks etc.
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By Drlee
Rudy Giuliani says that he'll release direct evidence of Joe Biden's involvement in an access scheme 10 days before the election.

Rudy Guiliani is a liar, a traitor and a buffoon. He has nothing. Fake news.

I fully expect Barr to try some bullshit also.
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By Wulfschilde
He famously had a leading role in taking down the mafia, credibly ran for President, was a successful mayor of New York city (before the current Democrat leadership plunged it into a hole). He's literally one of America's most accomplished lawyers/politicians which is why they went to him with that information.
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By Drlee
He's literally one of America's most accomplished lawyers/politicians

Yea. He's a real Clarence Darrow. (Look it up.) :lol:
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By Wulfschilde
DNI director recently said that the Hunter Biden emails are not a product of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Some guys on the internet went through available metadata and determined that some of the pictures of Hunter doing his thing were taken in an AirBnB rental in Los Angeles. The photos had GPS data and the interior of the houses was visible.
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By Drlee
Fake News.
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