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ness31 wrote:What’s a sheriff anyway? If they’re cops, why not just call them police?

Sheriffs are county police, which are elected in most places (all places?), and have deputies. Police are city police. State cops are state troopers. Marshals hunt fugitives across state lines. Texas Rangers are Texas Rangers. I don't know what the difference between Texas Rangers and State Troopers is, or if they have State Troopers or not in Texas. FBI Agents are FBI Agents. I don't know why we have so many terms, but for some reason we do.
Isn't it funny how they shoot him for no good reason, and then ask him if he is okay? And then blame him for them shooting him?

His family got a 4.5 million dollar settlement, by the way.

Eagle Point, Oregon.

They even sound remorseful, as if they regretted what they had just done. Maybe the guy thought he was back in Afghanistan for a moment there.
skinster wrote:My guess is he was high AF to fight back despite the mace and taser.

Could be he was high on something, who isn't. He might have had a weed pipe going. He might have done a line earlier, if that's his thing. He coulda had drugs in the car. The cops obviously handled it very badly, and paid the ultimate price, they were messing with a bad individual, it seems (bad as in good; a bad guy to mess with, if it needed any clarification).

I don’t know many people who like police these days. Generally, all they do is take your money and enforce shitty laws enacted by politicians that want your money.

I’m sorry. That’s just how it is.

Unless of course you’re in the states; then you have the added worry that some psychologically vacant being with a firearm is going to shoot you because you don’t know what fucking wavelength they’re on.

And yes I know we do need police for some semblance of law and order, but let’s be honest, we’re way beyond law and order keeping now.

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