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"We hate Trump, that's why we're pulling people out of their cars and killing them in liberal places only." -- someone who's received more education than I.

Now, I may have never been to a large city before in my life (I live in a refurbished fallout bunker in the Crimea) but I believe that laws like this will only become more common over time. AntiFA/BLM's entire strategy is to attack people in ways that they think they will get away with, like smashing your car windows and so-on. They're basically that kid who got picked on a lot in high school by that other kid who was actually a total bitch if you stood up to him, but then instead of growing up, they became that kid after going through college.

All of their "tactics" are going to be made illegal in conservative states, which will probably only get them to head off to more liberal places, transforming them into even more of a clown show than they already are :excited:
I like III-A. You're now obligated to be a police state. Anyone who fails to maximise police privilege is persona non grata.
Damn they are attaching RICO to that shit too.

AFAIK wrote:You're now obligated to be a police state

This has already been the case.


I'm happy to see we are becoming more like China.

This is a purely political move it seems.

My question is, how many people are actually participating in these violent acts? My guess is nearly zero, we just blow up the few that do. Then the people that pass these laws will talk about how much of a success this all is, when it was just a tiny fraction of people doing it anyway. Ultimately, this is likely all based in lies. However, people will eat it up.

Sure, it is a relatively small number of people but the victims are still real. Just look at the poor doggo in the backseat there. Why should these people be allowed into the road?

As for the police part, they clarified some standards for it and said that no one can "disproportionately" defund the police, which makes sense.

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