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JohnRawls wrote:Cool. What if Trump has infected Biden with Corona and Biden kicks the bucket?

The more funny situation, yet the one as a Trump supporter that would be the most undesirable, is if Trump and Pence both kick the bucket.... Then Nancy Pelosi ends up immediately sworn in as the first Female President....

Would Biden & Harris play ball? Or would Pelosi become the second President to resign/abdicate?
I've heard the theory of Biden being infected thrown around, and I have to say, I find it highly implausible. Clearly, at this point, anything could happen, but the debate was specifically structured in a covid-safe way, and, as has been noted, Biden has been very careful with the virus.
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By maz
SpecialOlympian wrote:I'm a writer for the Federalist. My job now is to explain how the world's dumbest man couldn't even fake not being racist for a moment.

Trump is a man of considered and precise language, he definitely wasn't calling for violence or failing to condemn racism. A label that even obvious and flagrant racists hate having applied to them because they are aware it's bad. Can I go home and drink now, boss?

How many times does he have to denounce imaginary things?

Meanwhile for Joe Biden made a number of sweeping generalizations about "tens of thousands" of black men. He called them predators and literally said that they should be taken out of society.

He and Chris Wallace both ran cover for antifa and left wing extremists, with Biden calling antifa just an idea. He would not disavow left wing violence.

What Biden said about black men is what Special Olympian and others claim that racist conservatives say about black men. If Trump had been caught saying any of the things that Biden said, the Democrats would have been calling for the military to come in and arrest him.

Black Consequense wrote:Daily reminder.

Everyone knows Trump beat her in the debates too. ... ipp-poll/#

Trump is clearly closing on Biden in several major polls. Rasmussen showed a bump for Biden, but Trump inched in front just a week ago. USC Daybreak Poll(lol formerly the LA Times poll, the poll that famously called the election accurate last time!) also shows Trump has closed to 3 points(the margin of error) and will probably turn in his favour soon.

The Democrats good news is that although Trump is closing, Biden has stayed steady on average and is hovering in the 45-50 poll average range.

Still Hillary was doing slightly better at this point and lost.
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colliric wrote:CNN lies...

It is unnecessary to lie about opinion polls. It is down to who they asked and what people actually perceive.

Trump's action had been speaking much louder than his words, and his influence speaks even louder.

It is what movement he has been representing that matters. You probably agree this even more than I do.
It also depends on how they ask the question. Trump is most definitely closing in the important polls, but it also appears he may be drawing undecided voters because Biden is holding steady in the RCP average.
I think Trump debating the way every abusive ex-husband argues helped him with women voters.

Everyone who thought it was strong has good brains and definitely isn't some weirdo beta looking for the largest, angriest man to boss them around like they're a Corey or a Trevor.
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Polling data has been pretty mixed. A lot of sources claim that Biden was perceived as winning the debate but it seems to have been a sort of "pity victory" because some of those same polls say that post-debate, more undecideds went for Trump than for Biden.
He won, but it wasn't a "real" victory. Also Biden was on performance enhancing drugs which made it impossible for Trump to win, so keep your expectations low.

-Smart talking points from Geniuses

Lmao it really says a lot about the Trump administration when they believe there are drugs that make you more coherent and sensible, and that this is a good talking point. It's almost as if Trump is a senile moron who is led around and appropriately drugged for performances, the same way a Hollywood animal trainer handles animals. Haha.

It's not like the entirety of the rightwing runs on projecting their inadequacies on their enemies. Let's help Trump win so we can have Reagan 2, but dumber.
SpecialOlympian wrote:Also Biden was on performance enhancing drugs which made it impossible for Trump to win
He was on Geritol? :excited:
God, Jesus, sweet baby Jesus my feels are so hurt thinking about how mean they are going to be towards COVID-survivor Trump, who got sick fighting for the American people, in the next debate.
Godstud wrote::lol:

Boris Johnson didn't get a sympathetic poll boost in hospital even if he did get well wishes.

So don't be too worried....

If Trump's numbers continue to improve, it's probably because of his performance in the Debate.
colliric wrote:Boris Johnson didn't get a sympathetic poll boost in hospital


In Johnson's case, the prime minister's bout with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, in late March did not appear to encourage support for his government.

It was, however, followed by a small surge in his own popularity... 54% (March 27) -> 60% (April 5).

Biden is making a grave mistake, refusing to do a 2nd debate because muh virus, even with masks. It makes him look scared and weak. Trump can ride that all the way to the election. 'wat, masks now not effective?' - trump soon
Igor Antunov wrote:Biden is making a grave mistake, refusing to do a 2nd debate because muh virus, even with masks. It makes him look scared and weak. Trump can ride that all the way to the election. 'wat, masks now not effective?' - trump soon

Scared of what. Biden crushed Trump in the first debate so hard that booking odds plummeted through the floor and betters closed the bets. Also Biden is on track to reaching his global maximum in the polls :roll:
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