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alyas wrote:
With Joe Biden installed in the White House, European leaders can breathe a sigh of relief, says Baptiste Roman. Gone is the “amateur and chaotic” diplomacy that characterised the Trump era; no longer will they discover the president’s decisions via Twitter.
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Biden will work to repair our relationship with Europe, but these things usually take time. Esp. this time, when Europe will be uneasy until we've had a couple more presidents that aren't trying to become a dictator.

If Biden delivers on his promise of leadership in the big areas, Covid, climate change, the economy, and the Iranian nuke deal, that will help a LOT.
Scamp wrote:
It's well known that Trump did not accept his Pres salary and instead gave it to charity. What about money hungry Joe?

Trump is a con artist, and used the office to line his pockets constantly.

Your assertion about Biden is idiotic and debunked..

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