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Recently, Washington is seriously concerned about the growing influence of China on the world arena. This is evidenced by the US National Defense Strategy, published on January 19, 2018. Now, the priority in the US national security sphere is not so much the fight against terrorists as "competition with the great powers". By "great powers" Washington means the PRC and Russia. According to the States, these countries "undermine the international order from within, using their advantages, while undermining all the principles and rules" that the United States and its allies have created for decades after the defeat of fascism in World War II.
The US strategy expresses fears that the modernization that China's army is carrying out in cooperation with Russia will soon lead to the hegemony of the PRC and the displacement of Washington. In connection with the emerging threats, the US intends to modernize the nuclear arsenal to ensure effective containment of Russia and China.
A sharp turn of the US national strategy towards the Asia-Pacific region caused a negative reaction of the diplomatic departments of the Russian Federation and the PRC. On January 22, the military attaché of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, Kui Yanwei, spoke of the need to jointly counter the challenges of the United States and its allies.
Today, Russia and China cooperate closely enough in many areas, including in the military sphere. We are talking about joint military exercises "Maritime interaction 2017" (in the Sea of Japan and the Sea of Okhotsk) and about joint anti-missile exercises, which were held in Beijing in December 2017. In addition, Russia is the largest supplier of weapons to China. The total sum of military contracts was about 100 billion dollars in 2016.
Russia and China interact quite closely in the military sphere, but this cooperation is not directed against other countries. Moreover, Russia does not intend to create a new military organization, an analog of the "Asian NATO" for subordinating Washington.
According to analysts, the offer for a joint defense initiative between Moscow and Beijing is a long-term issue, requiring further and careful consideration. At this stage, Beijing is more than ever interested in cooperating with the Russian side to confront the emerging threats in the APR in the face of Washington and North Korea.
Unlike Washington, Russia's foreign policy is not aimed at confrontation with any country. On the contrary, the Russian side adheres to the policy of maintaining a balance of power both in the Asia-Pacific region and in the world.

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