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January 2018, the Japanese government opened a small museum displaying maps and documents to defend its territorial claims against neighbors South Korea and China.
The Japanese minister in charge of territorial issues, Tetsuma Esaki, said it was important for Japan to improve how information about disputed islands “is transmitted both internally and externally, so as to ensure as widely as possible that our claims are understood correctly.
The National Museum of Territory and Sovereignty displays replicas of historic documents that Japan says show its ownership of two sets of uninhabited islands, one also claimed by China and the other by South Korea.
The dispute with China has heated up in recent years, with Chinese coast guard ships sailing near the islands and their Japanese counterparts trying to chase them away.
The islands, which are near Taiwan, are known as the Senkaku in Japan and as the Diaoyu in China. Taiwan also claims them.
Japan has long feuded with South Korea over another group of tiny islands in the waters between the two countries. Japan calls them Takeshima, and South Korea calls them Dokdo.
South Korea denounced the opening of the museum and demanded that Japan shut it down.
“The Japanese government should immediately stop making pointless claims over Dokdo, which by history, geography and international law is clearly part of our territory,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Noh Kyu-duk said in a prepared statement.
South Korea opened a museum in central Seoul in 2012 to back its claim to Dokdo. Visitors can walk around a large 3-D model of the island and examine video and computerized content on the island’s history and nature. Video screens show live footage of the island from a fixed camera.
Russia, with which Japan also has a territorial dispute over the Kuril Islands, supported the opinion of China and South Korea that Japan claims territories without a legal basis, and purposely tries to rewrite historical facts. Also, these countries came to the conclusion that the territorial expansion of Japan is inadmissible, since this is destroying the existing balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Liancourt Rocks currently belong to South Korea, which has already carried out a lot of construction work such as a lighthouse and helicopter pad. Some Japanese residents used to live on the islets in the pre-war era but the Liancourt Rocks were completely abandoned by the Japanese with the closure of a fish plant. I think Japan should stop contesting South Korean ownership. The Tokugawa shogunate conceded in the 17th century that Ulleungdo and Jasando were Korean territory, banning Japanese fishermen from travelling to Ulleng-do. The Japan–Korea Protocol of 1904 also prevented Japan from appropriating the Liancourt Rocks and the seizure of the Liancourt Rocks by the Meiji government in 1905 was illegal under international law, which was simply an opportunistic land grab similar to Britain's colonisation of Australia.

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