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The Senkaku archipelago, which is under the jurisdiction of Tokyo, has been the subject of a territorial dispute between China and Japan, which has been fought between the two countries for many years. Historically, Japan, having suffered defeat in World War II, lost its rights to these territories that were occupied by the Americans and were under US jurisdiction. But Washington being interested in friendship with Tokyo, in 1972 returned to Japan the sovereignty to Okinawa, and in addition to it, the island of Senkaku. Since then, China has begun to consider these lands as its illegally occupied territories and declares its claims to the archipelago.
It should be noted that the situation worsened in 2012, when Japan nationalized the islands, and China in response to this defiantly deployed air force exercises off the coast of the Senkaku with the participation of the latest fighters and amphibious assault ships. Also, mass anti-Japanese demonstrations and rebellions were held in protest. Since then, Chinese ships constantly ply near Senkaku and periodically make demonstrative visits to the coastal zone of disputed islands.
Recently, Japan has begun to pay increased attention to the defense of its remote territories in the East China Sea. So, in January 2017, the Japanese government announced the beginning of the development of the Senkaku defense plan. This defensive plan included warning launches of anti-ship missiles in case of Chinese ships approaching Senkaku, as well as an emergency landing of self-defense forces on them. Last year the government of the country began the deployment of mobile rocket launchers on the Sakishima Archipelago (Okinawa Prefecture), and also, in the near future, a permanent garrison of Self-Defense Forces will be created on the Senkaku Islands.
Incidents with the entry of Chinese ships into the territorial waters of Japan in the area of the Senkaku Islands have become frequent. Japan protested to China and accused Beijing of aggravating the situation around this territory. But China called on Japan not to "fabricate incidents" around the disputed islands and take real steps to improve bilateral relations. Japan, in connection with the events, is on the alert and ready for defense.
Thus, the government of Japan planned before the end of 2018 to start construction of the first military base, occupying the remote southwestern island of Ishigaki garrison of 5-6 thousand people, and a battery of missiles of class "earth-ship" and "earth – air". It should be noted that Ishigaki island is located only 110 km South of Senkaku Islands. The main task of the base on Ishigaki will be the retention of China. The authorities of the island supported the idea of deploying troops on its territory. Ishigaku is the closest land point to the Senkaku Islands, which formally belong to Japan. In addition to Ishigaki, in the spring of 2019, Tokyo will begin construction of a military base on the neighboring island of Miyako, where anti-ship missiles and air defenses will also be deployed. A radar tracking station has already been installed on the island of Enaguni adjacent to Taiwan.
Now Beijing and Tokyo are still negotiating on the archipelago, but no one is going to concede, and the aggravation of the situation will continue. Also, there is a possibility that years later, when the world's oil and gas reserves begin to end, diplomacy will give way to war.

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