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How PAP exploited racial differences to impose FASCIST rule over Singapore.

Reborn (HWZ) wrote:Ah Loong wants majority to be SMC this coming election. He must have the stats to prove that it will result in greater advantage.


9 SMC become 12 SMC is called "majority".

That people think that he is for majority SMC is exactly what Pinky Loong wants everyone to think.

Just like CHC Pastor Kong Hee Fart Choy wants everyone to think that he is an honest person and God sent so he was able to relieve many people of their life savings.

Please lah. GRC is the trump card that LHL inherited from his evil genius father LKY to have strangle hold on parliament and make PAP MP think twice before opposing the PAP party line.

Where previously, PAP MP who served the people well but were dismissed from party and thus lost their MP seats could return as independent or under another party because a by-election had to be called, the GRC has all but voided any need for by-election unless a fatal bomb killed the ENTIRE GRC MPs (which is a all but impossible).

Thus, primary role of GRC is to advance PAP fascist rule in Singapore. But obviously, no thief/ pickpocket would want you to know that he was stealing from you and for as long as possible, he wants you to have the impression that he is actually on YOUR side (so u can encourage and permit him to stay close by).

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Reborn(HWZ) wrote:Ah Loong wants majority to be SMC this coming election. He must have the stats to prove that it will result in greater advantage.

Reborn(HWZ) wrote:What do you mean 9 becomes 12? It's not even announced yet. And it currently stands at 13 SMC. How would you even know if it is not a majority? Based on the non existent "9 becomes 12" ? I have no idea how you came up with 9 and 12. Shouldn't it be 13 becomes (to be announced figure?) Anyway, its just speculation he wants majority SMC. We won't know until the boundaries are announced.

First, u said "Ah Loong wants majority to be SMC this coming election." and one post later you immediately eat your own words: "Anyway, its just speculation he wants majority SMC. " Anyway, thanks for the clarification.

Anyway, I must apologize about the 9 -12 SMC fact. You are correct that the number of SMC currently is 13 and the final number of SMC declared by the pro-PAP Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) remains yet an UNKNOWN.

I must have mixed up the number of SMC with the number of guranteed opposition MP in parliament, i.e. the NCMP scheme which will increase the total number of opposition MP in parliament to 12 from the current 9 minimum. Suffice to say, 13 SMC out of 101 total parliamentary seats (or even 9 opposition MPs) is certainly just a drop in the ocean.

Thus, my argument that the GRC system of elections favours FASCIST rule by the PAP in Singapore still stands.
Reborn (HWZ) wrote:I have no idea where I "eat my own words." Ah loong wants majority SMC. But everyone knows that at current point in time and at time of the post, electorate boundaries has not been announced yet. The knowledge of this was already existent by whoever read the first post. Ttherefore by mentioning it in the second post, how am I eating my own words?

Please show PROOF that Pinky Loong "Ah loong wants majority SMC.", otherwise I will just consider you to be just another PAP IB out to deceive people because GRC system is LKY evil genius idea and PAP UNDERHAND METHOD of placing strangle hold over PAP MPs so that they will be obedient like robots and only parrot the Minister's wishes.

Since the law doesn't allow for any by-election, even if the minority MP leaves the GRC, which defeats the reason for having any Minority race MP in the GRC system of elections to begin with.

I.e. GRC system of elections is a wholely FRAUDULENT AND BOGUS SYSTEM of minority race representation when a fully SMC system and NCMP system of guaranteeing whatever the proper number of minority MPs in parliament would have allowed racial representation much better and removed any opportunity for PAP FASCIST and despotic rule over Singapore.

In fact, wouldn't you also agree that not just minority races could be represented, even all major religions could be represented as well including atheism as well vz the NMP system whereby all mainstream religious leaders endorsed by parliament may be invited to speak as NMP on any issues pertaining to their religious beliefs/ practice.
Sauron(HWZ) wrote:Pinky prepare to sacrifice a few good men /women to preserve the majority?

That said, Goh Chok Tong is really myopic or kum gong (stupid) because GRC system also turns a political career into a big gamble.

People with ministerial potential will not want to join because like George Yeo, Lim Hwee Hua, can get booted out for no fault of their own due to PAP GRC miscalculations.

Even as PAP MP, very little chance to shine because the whole organisation will be straight jacket type and because of potential of being kicked out of PAP and lose MP seat with almost zero chance of return, means same as applying for a sock puppet mouth piece job.

Ends up solving one problem with an even bigger one. And minorities also distrust PAP, because they know that PAP created the GRC system not primarily for minority representation but more so as an excuse to achieve PAP fascist rule over Singapore or a hegemony in parliament.

'Without some assurance of a good chance of winning at least their first election, many able and successful young Singaporeans may not risk their careers to join politics,' Mr Goh Chok Tong, June 2006 ['GRCs make it easier to find top talent: SM'].
[Pict= Disassembling GRC system benefits PAP (Part 1 of 3)]

And Phillipines President Duterte will laugh at us on the international sphere and we laugh with him at ourselves too:

Image "I burned the flag of Singapore. I said: 'F*** you ... You are a garrison pretending to be a country.'" - Mr Duterte in a November speech, recalling how in 1995 he burned a Singapore flag to protest at the execution of a Filipina maid in the city-state.

cherry6 (HWZ) wrote:First u said:

Then u admit its just hearsay/ speculation. I now think u are a very untrustworthy person.

Anyway, I must point out that your statement that "the GRC v SMC stats stands at 16-13. You do know that if only just 2 GRCs are dropped to SMCs, it is already a majority" is yet another dishonest sleight of hand on your part unless u are very ignorant.

U do know that in parliament, votes for bills to be passed are based on number of MPs present and 16 GRCs will contribute approx 70-80 votes but 13 SMC will only translate into at best, 13 votes, which is a ~5 fold difference, no?

In your responses, u are either ignorant or don't sound like an honest person.

PAP MP/ wannabe perhaps.

Reborn(HWZ) wrote:Already answered this. Repeating the same question again. Read above.

The topic we were discussing was whether electoral boundaries
would consist of more GRCs or SMCs. i.e a GRC or SMC majority for this coming General Elections.

2011 GRC 15 SMC 12
2015 GRC 16 SMC 13
2019/2020 More SMC than GRC ? (SMC majority?)

Not whether the majority number of seats would come from a SMC or GRC.

From your quote above
"9 SMC become 12 SMC is called "majority".

That people think that he is for majority SMC is exactly what Pinky Loong wants everyone to think."

I believe you were in the discussion of SMC or GRC majority too based on the quote in bold.

Some how along the way you got confused with the topic of discussion and derailed it into "number of parliamentary seats in the GRC versus number of parliamentary seats in the SMC" and which forming a majority.

Hard to carry this on with you if you are so confused.

1) U deceptively edited out some of my post which was unfavourable to your case. (thus my appending it back for comparison purposes).

2) No point engaging with u over minute details and celebrating pinky Long sleight of hand to mislead us that he were for democracy since he has shown us that it is more an excuse for him rather than a serious objective.

As mentioned, I am more concerned about the total number of SMC seats which should be in majority since there is no legitimate reason for GRC to begin with (since it could much better be replaced by a fully SMC system with a NCMP and NMP hybrid (minority race and mainstream religions) representation system add on for more than double the outcome benifit than with the present politically biased GRC system).

No point wasting my time, missing the woods for the trees in my conversation with you. Good day and goodbye.
The People's Action Party (PAP) is committed to equality for all regardless of race or religion, which means no affirmative action in Singapore for Malay minorities. Modern Singaporeans are somewhat part British racially and culturally. A recent Tom Clancy novel describes that some of you still bring up the Yellow Peril, referring to the Japanese takeover of Singapore, which could be a figment of the author's imagination. Set in the Tom Clancy universe, the novel depicts Jack Ryan Jr. as he helps avert a North Korean plot to crash the Asian stock market in Singapore.

The People's Action Party (PAP), the dominant political party in Singapore, and United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), the dominant political party in Malaysia, had two differing competing political ideologies. The PAP, led by Lee Kuan Yew, adopted non-communal politics whereby it called for equality for all regardless of race or religion. By contrast, UMNO, led by Tunku Abdul Rahman, advocated for the provision of special rights and privileges for the bumiputeras (indigenous Malays in Malaysia); meant as a form of affirmative action as the Straits Chinese had traditionally better economic affluence and the Malays tended to be poorer.

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