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Good article, the excerpts are just a taste, you need to read it.

"So, what about the rest of us, the non-great powers? What should citizens of the middle or small countries do in a world that seems to force us to choose?"

"The question is how to position oneself and how to act to prevent being crushed by the periodic clashes of great powers. Whether you are an ASEAN country, a Central and Eastern European or an African one, great-power competition seems to ask us to make immediate and decisive choices."

"First, we need to move fast and adopt a position similar to the one put forward by the Singaporean PM. If we do not like being on the menu, then we have to change it. It all starts with taking a principled stance and defining both the terms of engagement and the red lines. Obviously, this is not something for a small country or middle power to do on its own – unity is key here."

https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/10/opini ... mpetition/
More like ‘new world disorder’. Anyway...

I find the author’s views on Japan, Australia and India to be interesting. These three and the US make up what is known as the ‘quad’, a semi formal alliance in response to China. The author doesn’t include America in that grouping. This is not entirely unreasonable and is in fact a tacit acknowledgment that those three nations have a different objective versus China than the US objective.

To America, China is a great power rival that must be undermined at all costs. India, Japan and Australia see the solution as getting China to accept a less exceptional view of itself and accede to norms that accomodate the Middle Kingdom’s neighbours. That difference in objectives will as some point cause friction within the ‘quad’.

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