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During Singapore Covid-19 lockdown, some residents have personal 50m Olympic Length swimming pool to enjoy (at a property tax discount also) .

Damn obvious is their Olympic sized swimming pool in district 10, (12/12A Gallop Road) from satellite photos, and private tennis court too.

Looks like there is also a fountain for the owner to loiter around, if he hasn't touchdown at Seletar airport in his own private air plane yet.

Definitely doesn't look like a condo despite one website stating 12 Gallop Road to be so (decoy/distraction?) . 'Tilton' https://condo.singaporeexpats.com/condo/2086/TILTON

I wonder who is the very rich owner, wonder how much property tax discounts he has received by listing his property as 'owner occupied' with max tax bracket rate at 16% instead of 'non owner occupied' with a max tax bracket rate of 20%.

Wonder how fat or large sized this particular owner is, since most Singaporeans are trained and well adept to have s€x in small spaces as promulgated by manpower minister Josephine Teo.

Could the owner be a property developer? His house is immensely huge. How can an ordinary sized man occupy such a big house and still claim to be owner occupied? We could well house easily 400 workers if we built a multistorey dormitory building on a ground area of his bungalow size, with decent amenities too(but no swimming pool).

So the 50m swimming pool is very much empty and waiting for the owner to use.

May I sneak in a while. As long as owner gives permission, I'm sure his guards will allow.

Google maps satellite photo showing 12 Gallop Road with a 50m Olympic sized swimming pool.

1st Entrance, '12' (neither entrance looks like one to a strata titled (condo) property so I summise that the 'condo' is just a fake label and the property is actually one residence of a very wealthy personality (or corporate ownership property etc) .

2nd entrance : '12A'

Some houses at Nassim Road also have their own private swimming pools too (25m long in two instances from the Google Maps satellite photo evidence) :

My point here is that probably, the top property tax bracket should be increased and streamlined to differentiate Singaporeans from non Singaporeans or be standardised to one sized fits all tiered standard (regardless owner occupied or not, regardless of nationality of owner), however, all Singaporeans will receive a cash rebate to offset the property tax (or money put into CPF) with foreigners getting none and non owner occupied residences attracting the tax rate of residential property tax or commercial property tax (whichever higher) if the property is NOT occupied or not occupied by a Singapore citizen tenant (thus Singaporeans will pay a lower rent).

Also, top tier property tax should exceed the personal income tax bracket level of 22% (and be even increased to perhaps 40% annual value (AV) since by definition, (MOM minister Josephine Teo said) Singaporeans only need small spaces to have s€x, so why is such a big house essential or necessary to begin with? Even during covid-19 circuit breaker, people are still free to swim in the sea, no? Luxuries should be taxed at luxury tax level, no?

So why should an 'owner occupied' swimming pool even be an essential/ a necessity?

And some of these property owners may be foreigners/ corporates too (don't want anything to do with NS, bought property for investment purposes, stays inside maybe twice a year maximum when on holiday here).

Minister to promote "S€x in small spaces" (and Manpower minister) Josephine Teo:

Singapore residential property tax subtypes and the respective bracket levels: https://www.iras.gov.sg/irashome/Proper ... culations/
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