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Kaiserschmarrn wrote:I've opted out of the nonsensical parts of the conversation though, so it'll have to be Mr Chu.
We'll come back in the future to see whether you are right on this, but just like with your position that Brexit won't happen, you are most likely wrong in this case too.

Opting out of the conversation is sure a nice way of admitting that your misrepresentation of Mr Chu's statements was not successful.

We will be here both in the present and the future to see how much more the Brexiteers will be escaping from reality.
The US trade deficit is home made. It is the result of shifting production to low-wage countries in the name a neo-liberal ideology, Washington has forced onto the world. The domestic wealth inequality is also entirely home-made. The US is still one of the most prosperous countries in the world, which profits from its global trade empire. If US multinationals keep their profits in offshore tax havens instead of repatriating them, it is entirely because the US government is a plutocracy made for the wealthy. Instead of closing down the tax-havens, which could easily be done, the US even prevents the EU from fighting tax evasion.

The great deal maker will flatter Theresa May and tell her how much he loves the British while screwing the UK economy, because the UK is so needy after Brexit. While the EU was able to resist US pressure before public opposition sunk TTIP. The Tory government will sign up to a turbo TTIP in backroom deals, without public debate. Tariffs on goods are already very low. The only scope for action is deregulation of services and investments with the requisite private arbitration courts. US corporations will want their share of the NHS. Environmental and consumer protection will be weakened, which will make UK products incompatible with the single market. At best, trade will be increased by 1 or 2 %, while the UK risks losing as much as 30 % due to trade barriers with the single market.

While Cameron was still able to stab Uncle Sam in the back by joining the Chinese-led Asian investment bank to promote his “golden trade” with the Chinese, Trump won’t tolerate a special relation with the Chinese.

The UK will gain very little in return for handing the keys for its economy to the Trump team by offering up the Queen to the world's greatest pussy grabber as a special bonus. The royals have already been told to bloody well shut up about climate change.

White House warns Prince Charles against ‘lecturing’ on climate change

If Trump gets his way, the only consolation will be that after 60 years, the US finally completes its task of dismantling the last remnants of the empire and officially turn the UK into a vassal state.

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