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By VerethraGna
1.Money, Education, job, Student's life.
Today I bought a perfume and I paid for it 94 Laris, cost of that is 33 Dollars and yeah, now 94 laris is 37 dollars. Maybe you can't see the problem and say that it's price of import, but... I'm a programmer and my salary is 3000 laris, if I were in US ( because I compare dollar) and my salary will be same but in dollars my life will be more easy.
$1=2.54 Gel
In really I'm a stutent of Computer Engineering and I can't pay for my university (my parents put invest in my education) and flat (I live alone because there are not good universities near to my city), now I must learn programming and became a freelancer, because if I start a job in mall ( there are not other choice for any student on the first couse) my salary will be about 400 laris per month and I must work 8 hours there, 3 times in a week (it's 158 dollars).
Can you imagine?
I study in a private university it's price is 3500 laris in a year ( yes, it's cheap, but motivation of many students, already there are destroyed - on the first course I started studying of academic writing ( :lol: )...
Price of the flat is 350 laris...
I need eat, move with transport and pay the bills.

My parents don't live and work in Georgia...

2. People
Georgians are more than they live in Georgia. But in Georgia lives about 4 million people and 1.5m have social help.
Border in the north (there is Russia) comming to us and getting small, but leaders just make a notice "It's not good".
People want have more and do less as anywhere but when I say if what is quantity of georgian people "it's really bad when there are lazy people".

3. :excited:

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