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Concerning Trump. After these strange strikes, mildly speaking the questionable strikes on Syria, and in my opinion, failed strikes in military terms, Trump became to pose like a cool guy. I think that it’s a transfer into the political in-fighting. Such stories are easily made. “I wanted to strike directly on Russians. I wanted to strike on the Russian bases. But those generals, those cowards, those buck-passers didn’t let me do it”.

But he managed.

He managed in their country.

No-no. Two missiles reached Moscow.

Two missiles reached Russia, but by our plane.

Two missiles reached Moscow. It means that if all the missiles hit their targets, then two among 103 missiles were aimed at our specialists. For the analysis.

But still, Vladimir. It’s important.

I’m afraid that Trump will be billed for this, like he’s messing things.

I think, now the Trump team continues all this, “struck, left and transferred this into the political in-fighting, just to prove that I’m not a Kremlin agent, that I’m not a Russian agent, that I’m very strong, very powerful, a hard man, I was the first who was ready to strike on Russia”. And there are the stories of how he wanted to do it, but some buck-passers generals didn’t let him do it, taking into account some episodes of collisions. And he holds himself out as a hard man; unfortunately, we should admit that this internal political agenda dominates the ability of Trump to organize the foreign policy, and he’s losing here. And the third important point, concerning naivete. For a long time, I’ve been saying that we need to end up with this naivete. It still exists somewhere. And these high expectations and illusions which have been existing from the days gone by, and many people from the government authorities are affected by them. If it weren’t for bad luck have no luck at all. Everything that has been happening in recent years in our relationship with the West, it’s not good and sometimes even dangerous, and we need to do something about it. But it’s useful for sobering up, thinking straight about the world and predicting our own steps. Concerning Syria, of course, I’m not claiming the knowledge of professional military men, but at least they showed that the Tomahawks recede into the past. This operation, mildly speaking, didn’t prove the Tomahawks effectiveness. In fact, the Americans have a lot of Tomahawks, and they play a greater role in their military strategies. We see that… who knocked it down, how did they do it, it’s another issue. The main point is that 2/3 of these missiles were knocked down. And this is a strong result.

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