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By Tintin Storm
Russia, and previously the USSR actively help and was helping various countries in a difficult situation. Thus, since the middle of the last century, the USSR actively supported the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Angola, Mozambique, Egypt, Cuba, Venezuela, Korea, Vietnam - these are just a few countries from a long list of those who received help from Moscow. It should be noted that the assistance was both economic and military.
At the same time, the Soviet army, participating in various armed conflicts and helping the local population entered Cuba, Angola, Afghanistan and other countries not without permit or invitation as NATO and US troops do, but at the request of the official government.
So, for example, it was with Afghanistan, where the Soviet "invasion" in 1979 actually was a forced help in the fight against Islamic radicals, which were supported from the USA.
Soviet economic and military advisers have been working in Afghanistan since 1976 and helped to build a new country without religious prejudices based on equality of both sexes. Then women in Afghanistan were free to study, walk with open faces, and choose their profession. They had the same right as men.
Thanks to the help of the USSR, many factories, dams, schools and medical institutions were built in Afghanistan, which used modern educational and medical methods, which significantly raised the level of education of the population. The mortality has reduced. The only locals who were not satisfied with all this progress were Islamic radicals. They called for a return to the old order, Sharia and other fanatical religious practices of the Middle Ages (just as today they cut off the heads of people in Iraq and Syria under the slogans of the "Islamic State").
Since in 1979 these religious fanatic incited and armed by the United States who were not satisfied with the progressive government in Afghanistan intensified their activities and regular Soviet troops entered in Afghanistan in response to a request for assistance. They came to protect the civilian population from these murderers, of whom al-Qaeda was later formed. Americans, as always, tried to prevent any country from escaping their influence, and then, as in many other cases, they tried to arm anyone they could use to overthrow a government that did not support US interests and world capital.
As a result, after the collapse of the USSR and the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, the "Taliban" terrorist organization banned in Russia replaced the pro-Soviet government in Afghanistan. A few years later Afghanistan became the headquarters for al-Qaida.
It should be noted that Moscow not only provided military support but also sent humanitarian aid in the form of food and medicine. Some countries, such as Cuba, were assisted in the economic development of the country. With the help of Soviet specialists it was created a single energy system and was built power stations. New sugar factories were reconstructed and built.
At the same time, for more than three decades was carried close military cooperation between the USSR and Cuba. In the 2nd half of the XXth century the Soviet military was on Liberty Island providing protection for the young Cuban state.
Thousands of Cuban military experts were trained in the USSR or in Cuba with Soviet assistance. The revolutionary forces of Cuba were equipped with the latest Soviet weapons. By the mid-seventies, the Cuban army had become the most modern and efficient in Latin America.
The USSR also helped African countries that fought for their independence. Soviet military men took part in military conflicts on the African continent, one of which was the civil war in Angola. In addition to military men who helped protect the young independent state teachers, doctors, fishermen, and agricultural specialists arrived in Angola from the Soviet Union.
Yes, Russia still cooperates with the countries of all regions. Unlike the United States which is trying in every way to establish domination in the world and subordinate governments in various states, Russia seeks to help countries in the fight against terrorism, hunger and disease.
Now, for example, in Syria, where the US is trying to overthrow the legitimate president and establish a puppet government, Russia is helping the legitimate president of the republic in the fight against terrorism.
On September 30, 2015, at the request of the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad for military assistance, the penetrating force of the Russian Armed Forces started, in fact, a strategic operation against the armed forces of the international terrorist organizations Islamic State and Dzhebhat an Nusrah (both prohibited in Russia).
On December 11, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Russian air base "Khmeimim" in the Syrian Arab Republic announced the end of the active phase of this operation and the withdrawal of the majority of the group in connection with the successful implementation of tasks. At the same time, Russia did not abandon its commitments to supply the Syrian government with weapons and military equipment, as well as the training of military specialists; the Khmeimim airbase and the Russian Navy logistics center in Tartus are still operates. Anti-aircraft defense groups of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic provide anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 and "Pantsir".
Moreover, in Syria operates the Russian Center for reconciliation of the warring parties. Western analysts noted that the Russian contingent in Syria was the key factor that kept President Al-Assad in power.
Undoubtedly, all the countries that Russia helped and helps gratefully acknowledge the economic, political and military assistance of Moscow. Russia will continue to provide assistance both in the fight against terrorism, the proliferation of which cannot be allowed, and in other areas like humanitarian assistance, construction assistance and infrastructure projects will also be provided.

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