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They are absolutely right . Big cruise ships must remain out of the lagoon; tourists who want to see Venice can just switch to a smaller boat that can bring them to downtown.

The problems are that: it's not clear who has the authority take such a measure, and cruise ship operators are obviously against it.
  1. Does Venice still rely on extensive tourism? Allowing more and more tourists without proper control is,
    IMHO, mostly out of greed and should be stopped. Besides if I am a tourist I am supposed to follow whatever rules which are both legit and reasonable.
  2. I saw, in the article, that the government once passed a restriction bill but was overturned on the grounds of doubt. IMHO if the activity in concern is some stronger party doing potential damage to some weaker party (in this case the environment), it should be by default banned unless doubt is cleared that there would be no irreversible harm. That means, the benefit of doubt should work for the one more vulnerable in this case.
The old town of Venice lives of tourism and it's true that shop owners are generally greedy without limits, but in this specific case Venice has already so many visitors, that more cannot come. For them it's not much difference whether big ships are coming or not.

The guilty here are cruise companies, which consider as their unique selling point being able to bring you directly to the inner town and consider absolutely unacceptable having to transfer their dear clients into small, dirty, ferries at the entrance of the lagoon.

Local authorities have tried in a few ways to keep the big ships out of the town, but courts have up to now always lifted the bans because of lack of power/competencies of local administrations. An action of the central authorities in Rome would be required.

Similarly there could be a compromise solution: Cruise ships could enter into the lagoon and dock at the Venice harbor of Margera (not on the Venetian islands but nearby, on mainland). However, this is currently not possible because it would require some digging in the lagoon, and this is forbidden by some environment protection law. Yet again is Rome which has to act.
I’d rule anyone who comes by cruise ship isn’t allowed entry. But that might be a bit unreasonable :| It’s ugly mass tourism.

It’s sad to see the impotence of the Italians in this instance.

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