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Migrants represented 40 percent of new HIV infections detected in EU28 countries in 2017. In Sweden, 77 percent of new infections came from migrants, compared to just under 5 percent in Romania. ... e-of-play/


Half of new HIV diagnoses with a known mode of transmission in 2017 came from men who have sex with other men. Heterosexual sex accounts for a third of new cases, and injecting drugs causes about 5 percent.


Unfortunately we don't live in a Western world that could be considered sane and sensible. People that rule over us don't care for our well being and interests. They want to drag the West down to make things more ''equal'' on a world stage. Apparently that also means bringing in migrants that like to have a lot of butt sex.
Bisexuality among African migrant men may be a contributing factor in the spread of HIV to heterosexual women.

The majority of men who have sex with men in southern Africa are bisexual, and a significant proportion have concurrent sexual relationships with both men and women, investigators report in the online edition of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

The investigators suggest that this finding should occasion a rethinking of the factors driving the HIV epidemic in the region.
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By Puffer Fish
Here are some statistics from the US

Of the 1 million people with HIV in the US, almost half are African American.

In the US, the estimated lifetime risk of becoming infected with HIV is 1 in 16 for black males, and 60% of the women diagnosed with AIDS are black, despite blacks only comprising 13% of the population.

In the state of Georgia, 86% of the prisoners who tested positive for HIV were black.

In the country's capital (Washington, District of Columbia) 3% of the total population has HIV or AIDS, and 47% of the city's population is African American.

I don't think there's any city in Europe with a rate that high.

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