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By David70
The Pan-Hellenic Orthodox Union, a Greek non-governmental organization (NGO), appealed to the Greek Council of State (acting as the Supreme Court) to appeal the decision of the Church of Greece on the recognition of Ukrainian autocephaly.
The Union demands that the decision of the Bishops’ Council of the Greek Orthodox Church, adopted on October 12, 2019, will be annulled. According to the representatives of Greek NGO, the Council acted without taking into account the laws of Greece. In particular, Article 19 of Decree M1/1977 (about the procedures of the Bishops’ Council of the Greek Church). The violation was that during this Council, there was no vote (secret or open) and the decision is not supported by a majority vote (2/3), as required by law. Moreover, despite the fact that minutes were certified by the Council, a written decision had not yet been published. In the current circumstances, if the Council of State declares the bishops’ decision illegal, Greece’s support for autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church may be revised.
According to the Kiev Orthodox publicist Dmitry Skvortsov, there were not only outrageous rigging and manipulations at the mentioned Bishops’ Council of the Greek Orthodox Church. From the canonical point of view, the very resolution of the Council openly violates the most important principles of Orthodoxy, enshrined in the Creed itself. In particular, the principle of collegiality. So, the decision on the «Holy Church of Ukraine» (that is how the Orthodox Church of Ukraine is officially called in «tomos» Bartholomew) the bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church (GOC) gave complete control only one of them, even to the speaker of the meeting to the Archbishop of Athens. Whereas this should have been the decision of the whole council. But then we would have to hold a discussion and vote, which threatened to fail a venture, which the US Department of State spent so much money and effort on. We know that the Greek authorities, one of the poorest members of NATO, are extremely dependent on the «instructions» of American special representatives, ambassadors and consuls.
The decision of the Bishops’ Council prompted widespread criticism from the Greeks. Approximately two hundred Greek priests (including bishops) also openly oppose the recognition of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. And this tide, in the case of the correct decision of the Greek Council of State will intensify many times and sweep away the American puppet Bartholomew and his minions from the historical arena. Most of the Ukraine’s Orthodox population also didn’t support the divisive church. Bartholomew and his satellites eradicate the Orthodoxy, the only ideology that can withstand upcoming globalism. The fact that Bartholomew is an enemy of the Orthodoxy, is understood in all local churches. But because of the American fear of confessing to be afraid of, except the Serbs and Rusyns from the Polish and Czechoslovak churches. The Russian Orthodox Church is equal in number to the rest of the world Orthodoxy, and, together with the Serbs and Rusyns exceeds. The real chances of cancelling the decision to recognize Ukrainian autocephaly are not great, but there is hope that the trial in Greece, which was originally scheduled for March, 6, 2020 but the hearings took place only on March 10 and 12 will be a precedent for other Churches conformed the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

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