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Sivad wrote:What in the hell does utilitarianism have to do with neoliberalism?

The question was about who started the "not considering social impact of liberalism/capitalism".

As to what relevance does it have to liberalism, it is pretty simple. It is one of the underlying theories of decision making within the system of liberalism and neoliberalism consequentially. Same thing goes actually for John Rawlses ideas. They have been implemented within the same neoliberal framework.
I belong to the Tom Joad school of neoliberalism.

Whenever Hillary says single-payer will never ever happen, neoliberalism will be there.

Whenever a Thatcherite says there is no alternative, neoliberalism will be there.

Whenever a centrist Dad says I'm socially liberal but fiscally conservative, neoliberalism will be there.

Whenever a hedge fund manager sits on the board of the dncc, neoliberalism will be there.

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