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The most pro family organization in the US is the labor movement, unions.
That is where all the things that make "family life" possible, weekends, 8 hour days, decent wages, vacation time, steady employment, have come from.
The very real things that make a real difference.
Last time I checked it was the Liberals that supported all the real practical things that made family life possible.
Even something as mundane as health coverage, it seems Liberals believe children should have it, and conservatives believe it's something that only some children should be privileged with. So does not having medical coverage make for better "family life"?
Or is it that possessing guns is the secret to a healthy family life?
Whathastobedone wrote:The vast majority of conservative thinkers and intellectuals have said yes, and have provided strong arguments to support their assessments.

I just want to hear a liberal perspective, do you think the world would be better off if families in the traditional sense didn’t exist? If so, why? If not, why?

You don't have to hate vanilla ice cream to believe that it's okay for ice-cream stores to sell more than one flavor.

You don't have to hate x to believe that alternatives to x have a right to coexist alongside x in the same society -- that individuals and households have a right to choose for themselves whether to adopt x as a practice, or to adopt some alternative to x.

Hate doesn't even come into the picture for most of the people you've characterized as "liberals". It's mainly a matter of liberal tolerance so far as we're concerned. From our point of view, the other side tends to be intolerant with respect to this issue, and perhaps in some cases "hates" alternatives to their preferred way of life. Whereas, we might say, some of the "liberals" hate intolerance.
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