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I thought you were referring to trump :lol:
because thats what the dems saying nowadays that he is a dictator without providing any proof
Yes Putin is a dictator but he is also right about what he is saying and thats mostly the fault of the liberals themselves they pushed their agenda too far

Would you have expected Donald TUSK(a 'Liberal')to say anything different about Mr PUTIN?

When he met the lame duck P.M, Theresa MAY, she looked like she was a victim of Novichok :lol: :lol: .

If I were PUTIN's reception organiser, I would have arranged for Mr PUTIN to have a mirror as a 'gift' for her, because, were she to look in that mirror, what she would see by way of reflection, would make anyone go grey, if not, as white as a sheet, it would definitely make Mr PUTIN & millions of Brits put a wide grin on their faces.

The stupid woman tries to blame Mr PUTIN for the Salisbury incident's, when it was the U.K that accepted the SKRIPAL's in a 'spy' exchange, which, had the government not done so, there would have been nothing in which to criticise Mr PUTIN for.

When you betray the country of your birth after being employed by it, in order to serve the interest of that state, when you turn traitor,you must expect what is coming your way & so too must any country stupid enough to give shelter to such people.

Now, Mr PUTIN(rightly)wished it never had to happen where it did, but Mr PUTIN is not wrong in his response to the lame duck's pathetic, orchestrated funereal appearance with the Russian President.

That he 'entertained' the po-faced idiot says much for the President's grace, she by contrast, is not satisfied with being in the political gutter, she wants to descend down the drain into the subteranean political world of Hades & oblivion.

It's marvellous how, she intended to discredit Mr PUTIN, in order to present a legacy image of herself, yet ends up being the butt of ridicule everywhere.

As if that wasn't enough, BoJo himself no less wants to get into the act, talk about digging holes. :lol: :lol:

Again, Mr PUTIN is correct, 'Liberalism' is obsolete, it is a fraud perpetrated on people by political pygmy 'elite's', determined to usurp & overturn the values in

society that millions have died for in two world wars.

It's why I call the votes that people placed in the 'Trash Bin' by voting Liberal, as wasted votes, rather than spoiling them, they discarded them into the Liberal Party, because that's all they could think of doing, other than 'spoiling' their votes.

When there are no real choices, that's what people do when making choices, they act rather weirdly, why else would anyone vote Liberal?

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