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The Immortal Goon wrote:That is, indeed, the name of this thread.

You have been presented many times with cited facts and logical information that has challenged your assertions.

You have yet, however, to provide any evidence at all to either support your premise, refute the information presented, or provide a logical example with which one can follow your argument.

Since you seem to be refusing to accept facts, and you seem to reject the logical conclusions that your postmodernist framework provides, it seems relatively clear that you are having an emotional reaction without any factual evidence or logic associated with it.

If I am mistaken, please provide sources and citations to help clarify.

With all due respect, you have become a dreadful bore, and you know it. I don't mind heated debate, but boredom isn't interesting to me.

Perhaps boring gets you excited...to each his own...please continue to enjoy yourself. However when you are boring, you will get no response from me. Capisce?
Stephen50right wrote:With all due respect, you have become a dreadful bore

As expressed earlier, your feelings are irrelevant. I am not interested in the special snowflake experience you are currently experiencing.

Stephen50right wrote:I don't mind heated debate

If you provide information instead of feelings, we can certainly have a debate.
Pants-of-dog wrote:Leftists and Islamists are probably united in laughing at Trump.

Trump's bombing of Assad made him popular with a lot of (Sunni) Muslims. The bombing of Gadaffi was also popular with a lot of Muslims. The removal of Saddam was unpopular with leftists and a lot Muslims, but for completely different reasons. The left loved him because he was a kind of socialist, liked to play the anti imperialist card, was secular at least when he wasn't posing as a jihadist and could well have been a secret Atheist. The Sunni Muslims objected to his removal because it brought in democratic majority Shia rule.

You've got admire the Islamophillic lefties. They might be liars, but they're bloody good at it. The truth is virtually always when ever we bomb Muslims, there's lots of other Mulims begging us to do it.
[quote="Decky"]The left hates everyone the right, ISIS are more or less identical to US republicans (they love religion, they love traditional family values, they hate women, they hate gays, they think slavery is a good thing etc).

Really, be a little reasonable here man. You really believe the Republican party in the 21st century thinks slavery is a good thing?
You think the Republican party which had its nominee (Trump) for the first time ever in RNC history waving a Rainbow pride flag to thousands of cheering Republicans of all sexual orientations and genders is anti gay. Do you think pro life women hate women.
I will admit you're stupidity has flustered me, but let me clue you in bud. Everything you said is false and while I see the connection, your premises are false.
First post ever btw.

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