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Jesus Christ, you were serious, weren't you, @Rich ?

It's the far right's all-purpose excuse for dismissing anything that doesn't coddle them, isn't it? A request to stop insulting minorities? Cultural Marxism. Support for contraception? Cultural Marxism. Not enough respondents from non-Christian religions in a poll to be statistically significant? Cultural Marxism. Your tea's gone cold while you ranted on the internet? Cultural Marxism.
blackjack21 wrote:You Godstud are a classic Cultural Marxist, you sit in Thailand, I believe. The place that marketed itself as the number one paedophile tourist holiday destination of the world, outraged by some unsubstantiated allegations about a Senatorial candidate, on the other side of the world, from over 30 years ago. And you don't see the irony.
I've never defended pedophilia and I never will. If I saw any instance of it, I'd report it to the police, or stop it. You sit in America, the number one place where pedophiles are protected and praised(you've even gone so far as to defend one). Don't got throwing stones when you live in a glass house, kiddo.

Thailand, incidentally, does not "market itself" as anything of the sort. You are making up big lies to support your own bullshit claims. I am sure you can provide a source for this stupid claim of yours?

Thailand has been working with US and Canadian police to put an END to underage prostitution. In fact, in most places in Thailand, if you're a "sex tourist" and you got caught with an underage prostitute, you'd likely end up as a missing person. They do not look upon it as anything but the heinous crime it is.

Incidentally, just to shut you up, since you're being ironic, too... This is the USA.
It points-out that “the vast majority of youth involved in prostitution are girls, although some service providers see an increase in the number of boys.” It notes that the average age most girls get involved in prostitution is at 14-years and the median age of involvement is 15.5-years. However, it reports child prostitutes being picked up by police at only 11 or 12-years and even 9-years of age. It stresses that child prostitutes come from throughout the country, inner-cities, suburbs and small-towns, and from all walks-of-life. But it notes, “larger cities are more likely to have a higher proportion of boys involved in prostitution”. [Department of Justice, NIS-MART, 2002]

There is a second, and apparently growing, form of prostitution that is apparently “voluntary” and involves the exchange of “favors” like dope, money or other presents. A study by Jessica Edwards, of thePacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, found that an estimated 650,000 American teenagers exchange sex for favors. More surprising, more boys were likely to sell themselves than girls.


That makes the USA a muchbetter place for child prostitution. The pot is calling kettle black, once again.

So, You can address the statements I make, or keep making unsubstantiated claims regarding me and where i live. Up to you, Sport.

Cultural Marxism is nonsense. Stop making up terms to present a bogeyman that doesn't exist.

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