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the issue where I got jumped happened a while ago but today I ran into the guy that jumped me. One of the guys that was with him got my in my face and started ranting about slavery and about how the white man oppresses him. He then got in my face and pulled out a knife. I live in the Twin Cities where liberals are burning down businesses and you can smell burning buildings everywhere and see the smoke rising in the sky, I hear sirens going all day long from ambulances, fire trucks, and police. I am a fascist and so is Jesus Christ, yet we believe we should love our enemies and turn the other cheek. Liberals are the vicious ones, especially antifa. They wouldn't know what fascism is if it bit them in the ass. Malcolm X said Liberals are just as racist as conservatives and the only difference between a liberal and a conservative is the conservatives are more honest. He said that if you vote for the Liberals you have betrayed your race. Way to go Malcolm!
:roll: It seems like you are looking for a beating, and may be self-destructive.

If they take your phone, just ask them to nicely film them beating you up, so you can put it on Youtube and go viral.

Better yet, don't be a dumbass, and stay home.
People are usually really reasonable when you talk nicely to them, @Spider-Man.

It's just Godstud, too, not God's Stud.

Red_Army wrote:It's not particularly brilliant to go to a riot that's in no small part composed of black people and tell them how you think Mussolini is the second coming.
I know. That seems like a really bad idea.
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Godstud wrote:Be smart, @Spider-Man. Don't be a friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. Stay home and away from violent people.

Despite our differences , you apparently do not want to see me die so, it shows that liberals can actually wish conservatives well and you aren't the demons and wolves in sheep's clothing that Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians paint you up as. I like to see the left and the right chill out and get along. I knew a veteran in the Korean War who said he went into a bar and communist soldiers were drinking with South Korean and American soldiers. The Communists were drafted and had no hatred for the people they were killing. Same with the Americans and South Koreans. I like to see stuff like that. I do actually want to go to the riot sights and film a building burning and start interviewing the rioters. Don't you think if I asked them nicely before I started filming them if I could interview them, they would be okay with it.
If you are going to be silly and go there, at least pretend to be on their side and claim you are filming for posterity, and to showcase their cause, to avoid problems. I'd warn against it, though, as many wouldn't like it based on the fact that they might be prosecuted for their actions, later. They'll see filming them as an aggressive action... maybe.

I don't really wish ill on anyone, despite differing politics, because when you come down to brass tacks, we all want exactly the same things: Be healthy and happy. Protect and care for our loved ones. To feed, clothe and shelter ourselves and our family. Have a good life with family and friends.
DO NOT STEREOTYPE GROUPS. That's how hatred and division happens, that's how racism and prejudice starts in the first place. There are bad apples in every group. There are violent and peaceful liberals just like there are violent and peaceful conservatives. There are violent and peaceful antifa and BLM and George Floyd protestors. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, judge individuals not by their group membership but by what each individual does themselves.
Spider-Man wrote:Malcolm X said Liberals are just as racist as conservatives and the only difference between a liberal and a conservative is the conservatives are more honest. He said that if you vote for the Liberals you have betrayed your race. Way to go Malcolm!

Most of the liberals of the past have become left-wing radical Democrats today. They are socialists, communists, and anarchists and don't like capitalists. That is why they are taking advantage of the present demonstrations against police to also set fires and break into capitalist businesses and loot and destroy. Their city mayors use covid-19 as an excuse to delayed opening up many business and do little to stop the rioting and looting.
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