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Rancid wrote:That's nothing to laugh at man. That's sad! :hmm:

Thats indeed sad I just said I dont find it funny it was more sort of a IN YOUR FACE SOCIALISTS
how stupid can you be to not see that all of this is a massive mismanagement due to stupidity (its not the best idea to have a former bus driver running your country :lol: )
and socialist policies which always lead to the same results
There isnt a single socialist country that is successful(Nordic countries and China arent socialist)
Zionist Nationalist wrote: stupid can you be to not see that all of this is a massive mismanagement due to stupidity

A lot of them did in fact see it, the problem was that only those who had the means to leave, left. Namely the middle and upper classes. The lower classes that saw it had to stay for the ride. It was a fun ride while it lasted the last 15-20 years.

In the early 2000s when Chavez took over, there was a steady flow of new migrants from Venezuela to Miami. Specifically because they saw it coming. I have some good friends I met who moved over to Miami around that time. These were middle class Venezuelans though, who had the means to pick up and go.

One of my best friends from high school is Venezuelan. I remember back when I was in high school (I was a senior when Chaves took over). I remember him telling me about how his family was starting to fear that in the long term, Venezuela is gonna go down the shitter. At that time, I didn't really understand what was happening since I wasn't paying attention to international affairs. Looking back though, his concerned family was right. This particular dude wasn't middle class (no one in my high school was), but they had already immigrated to the US in like the 80s, so they made it out well ahead of any of this.

Sidenote, my parents lived in Venezuela in the 70s. They thought it was a wonderful place. They considered staying there. I could have been Venezuelan! :lol: Good thing they left to the US. Even though Venezuela was good at the time, the US was still a better opportunity.

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