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Political issues and parties from Mexico to Argentina.

Moderator: PoFo Latin America Mods

Forum rules: No one line posts please. This is an international political discussion forum, so please post in English only.
PoFo rules are of course in effect, and this is an on-topic subforum (please avoid one-liners and Gorkiy-type posts)

While this is a generally low-traffic regional subforum, based on earlier precedents set elsewhere, guidelines were put in force 2 years ago to help facilitate the thorough cleanup of this subforum and the vaporization of doubleplusungood spam.

Based on the special rules created at the time to help enable the cleanup of the Latin America subforum (and originally based on the style of the special guidelines that exist for the North America subforum and its own subforums here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=45525), the following guidelines exist to help do the same for Latin America, but not stifle conversation.

The following types of posts and threads are subject to immediate cleanup at the discretion of the Latin American moderator(s) or the forum administration:

On-topic and relevant. Latin America is an on-topic subforum, and thus threads and posts where the responses are one-liners or do not contribute to reasonable debate may be subject to cleanup.

Spam. Threads where the only responses are from the user who posted the OP will be cleaned up. This also includes threads by the same author about the same topic, in which case you may find your threads merged.

Reposting news without commentary. Threads that contain little to no personal opinion, but more resemble cut and paste chop jobs. Please provide some commentary when posting about news relevant to Latin America, thanks.

-Note: If debate is existent, particularly lively debate, then whether or not it breaks any of these rules is irrelevant, it should stand (unless PoFo rules themselves have been violated) in the spirit of the law. If it only generates flames and personal attacks, then it is subject to cleanup without further notice.

By reading this post and in turn posting a new thread in this forum, you agree that you understand and agree to abide by these updated rules henceforth without prejudice. You also agree that should you post a thread that violates any of the above rules that you take responsibility for said thread being removed without further notice or explanation.

These rules have been clarified and updated on June 16, 2016 @ 9:00 PM PST.

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