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Political issues and parties from Mexico to Argentina.

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matheus1394 wrote:I don't know why most people don't see Brazil as a Latin american country. All the country needs to be considered is to be located in the American continent and speak a romanic language. (check and check for Brazil).

That's just in the US. And only because Brazilians aren't really considered Hispanics/Latinos in the US — there, 'Hispanic' and 'Latino' are used as synonyms, due to historical reasons. And I'm not talking about that being the case just officially. It's the social view as well. I have talked to numerous Latinos in the US who said the same thing: that Brazilians can't be considered part of their community (i.e. Hispanic and Latino Americans — and I mean 'Americans' as in US nationals) because we don't speak Spanish.

Also, Brazilians in the US don't like the label 'Latino' much. Not only because we don't speak Spanish, but also because they feel Brazilian culture is unique enough to be separate.

Tainari88 wrote:A good timeline for Brazil's history. The current president of Brazil is a woman. Dilma Rousseff.

According to her, she is a Woman Sapiens:

She is also the most unpopular president this country has ever had:

And many people are betting she won't finish her term as president.

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