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By Beirut
What happened here?
They blew their chance to free off the b*tch-seat governed by tyranny. They also effed up a hope for a Lebanon sovereign off the Irano Syrian evil axis. A mess of a fucking region where your religion or ethnic group are qualities. A very beautiful land run by people who hate to enjoy their paradise but instead look forward for an imaginary one. Am I stuck with my username?
Beirut wrote:Good buddy, yourself? Did you guys make peace with Palestinians just yet or are there no way to have everyone enjoy their years on earth?

Im doing good

Hopefully there will be a solution one day.

if you think about it this whole conflict is ridiculous both sides are at fault for not getting over with it already.

Funny thing is that the war in Syria made Israeli Arabs more patriotic as they begin to realize that Israel is the most safe country for them in the middle east
By skinster
Zionist Nationalist wrote:Funny thing is that the war in Syria made Israeli Arabs more patriotic as they begin to realize that Israel is the most safe country for them in the middle east

By skinster
That survey has nowt to do with other countries and half of the respondents view Israel unfavourably, and why wouldn't they, since Israeli laws discriminate against them - - that thing we call apartheid - whether they're citizens of Israel or occupied.
By skinster
You were the one that said they were "more patriotic" because of what was going on in other countries, when no such thing was stated in the survey you provided. And the half that view Israel unfavourably are from your survey (Christian and Muslim Arabs who live under Israeli apartheid).

Any way, we are off topic. Long live Syria! :D
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By danholo
As expected, most of the military operations were against Iranian targets within Syria:

IDF says it launched 200 strikes in Syria over past 1.5 years
Senior military source says some 800 missiles were launched in strikes mainly carried out by IAF; army source also says escalation of conflict more likely than long-term ceasefire agreement with Hamas.

[...]According to the official, the strikes targeted mainly advanced weapon systems and infrastructure sites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards located in Syrian territory.

Finally an official report (I haven't followed the war closely.) What this does explain is that Israel's policy was that of containment: to create chaos among the different groups to keep out more violence from their border region, and for it to spill over into Israel.

Report: Israel funded, armed Syrian rebel groups

Foreign Policy magazine claims Israel recently ended a surreptitious program of providing succour to anti-Iranian and anti-ISIS fighters to prevent them establishing a foothold on Golan Heights; report machine guns and mortar shells were among equipment provided.

A highlight:

In return for the payments, the report alleges, the rebels believed Israel would intervene militarily if Syrian President Bashar Assad tried to move his army into southern Syria.

Despite the succour provided, discontent prevailed among the rebel groups, the report states, in light of the much larger quantities of assistance provided by other countries, including the Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United States.

“This is a lesson we will not forget about Israel. It does not care about … the people. It does not care about humanity. All it cares about it its own interests,” said Y., a fighter from one of the groups, Forsan al-Jolan, who was quoted in the article.

“Even at the height of the Israeli assistance program earlier this year, rebel commanders complained that it was insufficient,” Foreign Policy said.

A directly affected actor which had concern from violence spilled from the civil war may only indeed care about its own interests, while using its own tax payer money to give medical assistance for free to many afflicted Syrian civilians. :excited: "You don't give us more stuff for free so we will remember your insufficient aid!", said the privileged beggar.

I wonder what they say about the other players? I guess they cared about humanity and NOT their own interests.

Is the Civil War really over...? What happens now? Kudos to Assad (and Russia) and for winning against Islamic fundamentalism.
By skinster
I haven't had a chance to keep up with everything going on in Syria over the last week but it appears that another fake chemical attack is going to take place in the last Islamist stronghold in Idlib, blaming the Syrian Army so some more of the bullshit R2P shit can happen that nobody believes a single word about because if R2P mattered anywhere in a real sense and not for regime-change purposes, the west would be in Yemen, for example...

danholo wrote:As expected, most of the military operations were against Iranian targets within Syria:

As expected, zionists believe anything the Israeli military tell them, even without evidence. Still... :D
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