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By skinster

Mhardeh is a Christian town of 23,000 people. It is also on the front line of confrontation against the Idlib terrorists who have attacked the town and its people for seven years.

Ter's article wrote:The decision was taken, our sources reveal, after consultations between Washington and Jerusalem at the highest administration and military levels on the enhanced threat the recent Russian steps presented to Israeli air operations against Iranian targets in Syria.

"enhanced threat" of Syria and Russia being able to defend themselves from Israeli attacks on Syrian territory. :D
By Rich
Ter wrote:

This probably restores the previous IAF air superiority.
Interesting, let's wait and see.

Note they didn't get any F-22s. This was because the Israelis couldn't be trusted not to sell on the technology. Such pathetic cucks are the American leaders, that rather than call out the Jewish state, they chose to not sell it to anyone. No foreign sales made the programme uneconomic so it had to be closed down. We've had 3000 years of arrogant bigoted Jewish supremacism going back to the genocide at Jericho, but rather than challenge Jews on their virulent racism, we pretend its not happening.
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By Ter
Pompeo says Syria won’t get a dollar in reconstruction aid if Iran forces stay
In signs of a shift, he tells Jewish policy group that a new key role of US troops in Syria will be to ensure Tehran withdraws its forces; backs Israeli strikes on Iranian targets


WASHINGTON — The United States will refuse any additional reconstruction assistance to war-torn Syria so long as Iranian troops are present in the country, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday.

Speaking to a pro-Israel group, Pompeo vowed to press forward with US President Donald Trump’s push to isolate Iran, boasting of imposing “some of the harshest sanctions in history.”

“The onus for expelling Iran from the country falls on the Syrian government, which bears responsibility for its presence there,” Pompeo told the Jewish Institute for National Security of America.

“If Syria doesn’t ensure the total withdrawal of Iranian-backed troops, it will not receive one single dollar from the United States for reconstruction,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo’s remarks come as the Trump administration shifts its reasoning for US involvement in Syria’s brutal civil war, which a war monitor says has killed close to 365,000 people since 2011.

The United States has some 2,000 troops in Syria, mainly training and advising rebels, after former president Barack Obama authorized the mission to defeat the Islamic State extremist group, or IS.


Pompeo said that fighting IS “continues to be a top priority” but listed rolling back Iran as another.

National security adviser, John Bolton, said last month that US troops would stay “as long as Iranian troops are outside Iranian borders.”

Iran, ruled by Shiite Muslim clerics, has deployed both troops, its Lebanese ally Hezbollah and other militias to prop up Assad, a secular leader who belongs to the Alawite sect and is facing down hardline Sunni Muslim forces.

Pompeo did not make similar demands for a withdrawal by Russia, which has long considered Syria a major ally.

Trump in August already pulled out of Syria’s immediate reconstruction, suspending $230 million after pledges by Gulf Arab allies.

“Iran has seen instability in Syria as a golden opportunity to tip the regional balance of power in its favor,” Pompeo said.

He warned that Iran, a sworn foe of Israel, would open a new front against the Jewish state if it remained in Syria.

Israel has repeatedly said it will not allow Iran, or its Shiite proxies, to establish a permanent presence in postwar Syria. It has launched numerous attacks on targets it says are a threat to its security.

Tehran has provided steady political, financial, and military backing to Assad as he has fought back a seven-year uprising. It has also sought to build missile factories in Syria and uses its bases there to convey advanced weapons to the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon.

And Pompeo said that the US fully supports the Israeli strikes.

“Israel, like all nations, has the right to defend its sovereignty,” Pompeo said. “That means we will continue to stand up for its right to target Iranian-backed militias within Syria for as long as the threat remains.” ... rces-stay/

So as long as Iran stays, the war will not be over.
Asad has a decision to make.
By foxdemon
It seems the Americans are saying they will accept Assad if Syria and Russia get rid of the Iranians.

Regarding the stealth fighters, this will force Lockheed to make the F-35 fully operational. About time!

@Rich mentioned F-22. There is talk of an undated version with comparable situation awareness to the F-35, going back into production. This new version might be sold to Japan, so the F-22 could get some export orders. Whether Israel will get them remains to be seen. The F-22 is great for air dominance but not so good for strike. This is why the IAF is hanging onto their F-15s. That platform is very versatile and long ranged.
By skinster
In what world are people living in where they think the Syrian government is going to kick out an ally to favour the empire that was a major player in the war on its country?

Just like how Assad wasn't/isn't going anywhere despite the empire's constant demands throughout the war, so it is that Iran isn't going anywhere. Keep dreaming, zionists.

Besides, Russia, China and Iran have offered money for reconstruction of Syria. I can't imagine the Syrian govt are going to trust the US on anything anytime soon/ever.
Russia and China are going to invest billions in Syria while their people live in terrible conditions

Putin is alredy losing his popularity big time
and Iranians are frustrated with the mullah regime

lets see where its going to lead 8)
By skinster
Zionist Nationalist wrote:Russia and China are going to invest billions in Syria while their people live in terrible conditions

The US does it. :excited:

Putin is alredy losing his popularity big time

I thought he just won an election.

and Iranians are frustrated with the mullah regime

That's always been the case.

lets see where its going to lead 8)

Hopefully the Syrians get back control of all of their land, including the Golan Heights. :)

Too bad Syria winning the war for the most part disrupted Yinon's plan, eh ZN?
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