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Nine women lashed for adultery by Taliban as Afghanistan returns to brutal sharia law

The Taliban's supreme court spokesman revealed that nine women were among the 19 people lashed for adultery in the first major signs that the new government is again applying its strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law. ... n-28554526

What I would be concerned about, some women in Afghanistan have been forced to marry against their will; and in some cases women who were raped instead get accused of adultery and punished because the local authorities are trying to protect the man so he will not be executed for rape (and in some cases perhaps to send a message to women that they shouldn't speak up).

Since the U.S. pullout, the Taliban was able to take over the country again, wanting to implement sharia law, it hasn't been good for women's rights.

I personally feel like the fruits of former conservative president George Bush (Junior)'s 2001 invasion of Afghanistan (whether you agreed with it or not) has been flushed down the toilet. But I suppose that's a different discussion we could have somewhere else.
Let’s play devils advocate. Lashings aren’t as bad as executions. Maybe the Taliban are mellowing. Maybe eventually they’ll just leave their poor women alone. How many old fucks have to die to get rid of that awful mentality? :hmm:
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