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Recently, the topic of terrorism support by the special services of the United States of America is often mentioned in the news reports of many states. In the context of globalization and the almost universal use of the global Internet, this is not surprising. There are many rumors and speculations that relate to this problem. And if these rumors and information are present somewhere, it means that there is a place to support of US intelligence agencies.
In 1979, the United States introduced the concept of State Sponsors of Terrorism, which is a list of states that, according to the official position of the US Department of State, supports acts of international terrorism. Currently, these countries include Iran, Sudan, Syria, and the Korean People's Democratic Republic. As can be seen from the list, these states are in opposition to US policy.

However, the United States introduced this list in order to covertly carry out its actions, which undermine the political and economic stability of other states. A vivid example of this is the Syrian war, which dragged on for a long period. Washington and its allies not only do not fight the terrorists of the Islamic state, which maintain a presence in Syria, but also lead and provide support. This position of Washington is evidenced by the fact that the Syrian news agency SANA opened on October 7, 2018, the removal of «IS» leaders by employees of the Central Intelligence Agency to safe places through Iraqi territory (Iraq was removed from the list of sponsoring states of terrorism in 2004), on American planes and helicopters. As stated by the head of the political administration of the army of the SAR, Hassan Ahmad Hassan, the coalition is fighting everything except terrorism. It has been mentioned more than one time that American aviation attacked the Syrian army as it advanced in a particular area.

The United States also supplies weapons to territories controlled by the Islamic State, reselling it through «intermediaries». Militants from At-Tanf (the military base of the international coalition in the province of Homs) resell American weapons to other groups, and Washington, knowing about this situation, turns a blind eye to this. Moreover, Americans indulge terrorists in At-Tanf, training them and supplying them with weapons and military equipment, as a result of which militants organize armed provocations against government troops and civilians.

Another fact of the presence of American weapons is that in the south of Syria on August 6, 2019, the Syrian military found a warehouse that was abandoned by militants. There are stored weapons and ammunition, mainly American-made. There were also found M-16 rifles. According to Ahmad Melham, the head of the Syrian Armed Forces anti-terrorist unit, these weapons entered Syrian territory from the outside using Western intelligence services.

Thus, it is reckless to say that the United States specifically created ISIS, but one can confidently say that the main burden of responsibility for supplying and training militants lies with the United States.

Today, the Islamic state is a tool to destabilize the region, which is actively used by US intelligence. And while the organization’s activities are beneficial to the leadership of the United States, special services will actively provide support to terrorist organizations.
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