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By SaddamHuseinovic
Iraq has seen a wave of protests against the economic misery and corruption. The response of the security Forces was a brutal crackdown like in a dictatorship. Iraq is one of the biggest oil producers but is one of the top 15 most corrupt countries, high unemployment and the oilfields are exploited by foreign companies.

I hope for a Revolution which brings a new Government, under the rule of General Saadi, who lost his job due the influence of Iran, which is one of the resons People go on street of all ethnicities.

The Sunnis have also to get an autonomous region like Kurds to prevent a 4th US-Iraq war. During centuries of Ottoman rule this were also 3 provinces…

Iraq has enough ressources to be rich like Dubai or Kuwait (an Iraqi Province :) )
By Atlantis
SaddamHuseinovic wrote:Kuwait (an Iraqi Province :) )

Some people never give up. Is that idea still popular in Iraq or just among Saddam Husein novices?

I have always said that Iraq will not find peace until a new leader steps into Saddam's shoes. And if it's not a secular dictator, it'll be a religious leader.

Any chance of Moqtada al-Sadr taking over?

Looks like the protests have already led to 60 or more killed, mostly by snipers from the security forces.
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