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First of all, Africa isnt a country.

Africa is a continent.

As a continent, Africa cannot have any status of that kind, thats a priviledge of individual countries alone.

South Africa hasnt been a developing country since quite a long time by now. Lybia was also pretty advanced, until the USA turned it into a slaver hellhole.

The second problem with this question is the collapse of the climate. If climate "change" continues, countries near the equator will get so hot that people can no longer live there. Meaning we will see them move north and south, and in many cases to Europe.

But overall, yes I'm very optimistic for developing countries, in Africa and elsewhere. The world is changing and I see a brigther future for many on the horizon. Probably faster than many believe. But did anyone, half a year ago, knew what Corona would do to the world ? Things can change very quickly when its time for change.
rik wrote:Re: Will Africa ever lose third world status?

If you mean stop being the poorest continent, probably not, at least not anytime soon. They have a ridiculous amount of political problems and ethnic strife.

So, seeing how much Africans are capable to contributing to Africa, what is keeping wealthy African intellectuals from returning home to develop their own continent?

African countries, especially sub-saharan countries, are the poorest countries on earth, with high crime, murders, instability etc. It seem natural that people who leave and go to richer and safer countries with more opportunity would want to stay there. Can't blame them.
Africa's not a nation, and as such, never had Third World Status. :roll: That's an indicator of the ignorance and bias, to start off with.

There is a lot of ignorance about Africa that is still being peddled.

There are 54 countries in Africa, and they are not all the same. Not by a long shot.
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