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By Verv
Here is an interesting report just out of Nigeria:


The video is several months old, but I thought it was still worth a discussion.

On one level, it seems to be rather ignorant to view the lake as miraculous. There are probably a number of charlatans promoting its miraculous properties with the interest of selling certain things... But, what of a placebo affect? Psychologically are many people who visit the lake having their spirits raised to such a level hat it is aiding them in fighting their diseases? Is the power of hope worth the pilgrimages that people make to here?

Also, in another weird way, can these be considered a miraculous boon for the townspeople? Where it fails to be a medical miracle we are talking about a very impoverished town where a large amount of them are now getting a sizable amount of money. In some sense, that is miraculous.

But on another... There is the potential evil of people spending so many resources to visit here, and as the newscaster said, the potentiality of actual contagious diseases being spread by the lake. There is also something incredibly poor form about duping impoverished people.

Nonetheless... I think this is just an interesting little story coming out of Africa worth some thoughts.

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