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Social Darwinist logic: might makes right, white race superior to Africans

Reality: Rhodesia wiped off the face of the earth and the former elite fled like cowards
Rei Murasame wrote:Furthermore, if the British mainlander people didn't want to allow those lunatics with their lunatic policies to take over Rhodesia, then they should have thought twice, and three times, before deciding that decolonisation was 'a good idea', and they should have thought three and four times before deciding to piss on the faces of white British colonists and onto Cecil Rhodes' legacy. But no, they wanted to be 'anti-racist', and they wanted to break off support, so that's what happens.

true, and it's what happens when the liberals take over, we can see this right now with the 'let them all in' policy regarding the refugees.

Basically it would be right , according to Lib theory for the West (British) to invade Zimbabwe and kick out Mugabe
since everyone here is fond of democracy..
lets clear something out.. democracy is basically about people's rule .
thus in a democratic nation .. governments is a reflection of people's well...
and even in non-democratic nations which is all the world probably ...
a dictatorship or an elite only exist because people spawn it and rarely one taking power by force .
so considering all this , along with the fact that most africans hate whites .
why is it hard to understand that such decisions would arise>?
after all...democracy doesn't necessarily mean that people follow the ideological believes of some outsider ..
Mugabe should be gentle with them. I think most of the whites in Zimbabwe simply want to get on with their lives and want that country to prosper. I have not encountered any white Zimbabwean who was not patriotic.

If Mugabe wants the whites to go back to the UK then it is Zimbabwe's loss. They will lose the skills and expertise that this community possess.
MUGABE was a pretty smart guy in his youth, he knew the score with the colonialist white farmers & their cohorts in the TORY Party over here.

Isn't that what this country needs, a 'Mugabe', after all, was that not what Enoch POWELL was to us?

It's time that this country really ditched the vestiges of it's colonial\imperial past, whether that be Gibraltar or the Malvinas.

We need a country that 'makes' history-NOT one that 'revels' in it for nostalgia's sake.
The country exported corn, and many Black-Africans had good jobs, after the Pogroms and ethnic cleansings, the farming sector is collapsed.

Georgia in the Caucasus offers this farmers free land because, they are one of the best skilled farmers.


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