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The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), built and funded by the Chinese, officially opened to the public on Madaraka Day, the anniversary of Kenya gaining the right of self-rule.

The ambitions of the SGR are similarly ambitious. The $3.2 billion rail line, the first leg of which connects Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, and the port city of Mombasa, is the country’s largest infrastructure project since independence. Eventually it will extend to Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan and Ethiopia, placing Kenya at the center of an East African rail network.

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What are your thoughts on ongoing Chinese mega-projects across Africa? Generally it works this way-----> Loan proposition------>loan used to fund projects that usually involve training locals to partake in partial building and to take over all aspects of completed project----->debt recovery via resource discovery and extraction---->rinse and repeat.

Essentially, they're creating jobs, training workers for those jobs, and of course, allowing those workforce to move around via the infrastructure built. This drives urbanization growth and by extension economic growth. They're doing it to exploit Africa's largely untapped (by modern techniques) resource base, which is enormous, and which China needs to keep developing its value chains at home and abroad.

The only reasons to oppose this in my view are because;

1) You want Africa to stay poor and underdeveloped - Malicious
2) You fear China's rise because it is a strategic rival to your own global system. - Valid
3) You believe the propaganda of western fake news media that China is colonizing and enslaving Africans, with, infrastructure and skills. - Moron

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