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Whites in south Africa are descended of colonists not migrants, they should all be expelled and sent back where they came from, they don't belong in Africa.
The crimes of their recent ancestry can not and will not be forgiven while they still live on the land they raped, standing as a reminder for everyone of their history.

the grievance victimhood indoctrination is still going on there

You just described all of Netanyahu speeches. :p
Actually I do very much agree that much of those should be expelled.
Although I do very much prefer socialist-light and mixed economic policies for development, the world is capitalists irregardless of who likes it or not; as such if a country wants to help people in other countries, let it export its low-skill industrial production facilities that it does not want its own people to work in to other countries they want to help.
Importing people in mass from lower-income countries will damage both countries and both people; as it in one hand would act as a brain drain for the poorer country, in effect destroying any chance of it to develop; On the other hand it damages the richer country as it destroys the social structure that built it which itself has many negative long term effects.

However, all this is not the same as the case of South Africa; Europe has mass migration in which it willfully opened the doors for it. South Africa was colonized by military force.
Migrants in Europe are not descended of people who brutally persecuted Europeans or committed large scale organized massacres against them, quit the opposite, if we were to look at France's case for example, many of the north Africans there are descended of people who fought with the French to liberate France from the Nazis.
In South Africa, the out-group are descended of people who commited massacres, genocide, persecution and countless other crimes against the people and were not the liberators but the occupiers.

A more accurate comparison would be if the Nazis won WW2, then deteriorated and fell down with many of their descend continuing to live in formerly occupied countries after independence and were complaining why they're hated and discriminated against in those countries.
noir wrote:During the second Boer War (1899-1902), the Boers were extremely popular all over the world, including among the British chattering classes. In the 60's, the Afrikaners turned into hate object by the descenders of those who adored the Boers few dacades before. Who knows, maybe we are witnessing another turn of history.

You were so, so lucky in Israel. The business class in Israel were every bit as set on flooding their country with foreign labour as in other western countries. It was the Intifada that saved you, not some special wisdom amongst Israel's chattering classes.
I think the Boers should move to somewhere in the former Soviet Union and farm there instead. I think it would be much easier for them. And, many of them are conservative, therefore I think they would be able to adjust to the societies there. And, some have already moved to Georgia. Australia and New Zealand are also good options. Their skills and hard work will be put to much better use in societies which wouldn't hate them. Even China would be a better option than Africa.
Quantum wrote:How can a supposedly "superior" race (according to our right-wingers here) be dominated by so-called "inferior" race? I thought right-wingers weren't supposed to be the snowflake SJWs that complain about everything? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Simple. If humans have the size of cockroaches and mice then it would be the latter two who dominate human, not the other way round.

No one can defy physics.
anasawad wrote:Whites in south Africa are descended of colonists not migrants, they should all be expelled and sent back where they came from, they don't belong in Africa.
The crimes of their recent ancestry can not and will not be forgiven while they still live on the land they raped, standing as a reminder for everyone of their history.

Except the black Africans migrated into the south from the interior of the continent and a good time after the whites had already colonized the cape. They didn't encounter large numbers of Zulus until the Trek and in their earlier colonial history they had more-or-less integrated the Hottentots.

Those Blacks are not the "natives" they are foreign invaders and should've been eliminated not given political enfranchisement...

See...I can play that game too. Look how edgy I can be. :roll:
blackjack21 wrote:That's unlikely, as Lauren Southern was raised with pretty traditional Christian morality. Why is that a fantasy for you?


Of course, /pol/ being the closet cucks they are, both spew their insecurities(called lost her white card status and downgraded her to Jew, lol) and then most likely fapped at interracial porn after that. Don't you know, just a Black man being in a same picture as a white woman count as cucking?

It's fact that those who call people cucks or obsess with cuckoldry are the one usually watching interracial porn. Like how the most homophobic people are gay.

Also again nice hidden racism, accusing that those who date Blacks are an affront to white "christian" values. Stop trying to fool people.

blackjack21 wrote:If anybody else makes that point, you accuse them of racism. Why is that?

Now where did I stated that fact?

blackjack21 wrote:Zimbabwe did that and went from a net agricultural exporter to food shortages in short order.

White embargo and Mugabe giving land to people loyal to him(trump policy before trump) would do that.

Also, Zimbabwe economy was getting better before Mugabe was oust.

Political Interest wrote:The lady ranting in the clip posted above is completely delusional. As if the whites are the problem in South Africa. It is obviously the inept political class but yet she wants to take everything from the whites. But of course people who have her opinion would deny it is racism.

I agree that, she is naive but is she any different from the trump voter or alt-right person believing Jews and Minorities are their problems?

Remember we're complaining about why is Europe have to take in refugees or non-whites. We want a white europe, now how can this happen if whites are in Africa? Why shouldn't Blacks feel the same way as them? They feel that they're being exploited by both their SA establishment and whites(their jews as an equal equivalent to whites themselves). You complain about their racism, but what about the anti-white racism in Europe. Obviously EU and America doesn't care about the white plight in Africa. If they didn't when Mugabe was in charge(he still did business with White westerners, even knighted!) what makes you think they care now? All the ANC have to do is pay hush up money, and I bet even trump would cuck himself in an instant.

Again, I agree that anti-white racism is wrong, but it's just business. If we didn't give a damn about our "white" brothers during the 90s after the fall of communism, what makes you think we care now. Hell, Anti-Polish sentiment is still a thing.

You must understand, race doesn't exist but it's profitable for the deep state(globalists and alt-right to exploit racial fears. How you think Reagan got elected, we chose cultural values over economics and now we're decreasing world wide because of racism.
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