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By maz














BOSTON, MA~ A local library has found itself embroiled in controversy after hosting a controversial "Straight Male Story Hour," an event at which a heterosexual, married, white, cisgender male reads a story to children.

The man, Bob Smith, was scheduled to come and read Where the Wild Things Are to the kids, a move that's said to endanger the progressive values this nation holds dear.

Parents protested the library in an attempt to cancel the event.

"We're a town, a nation of values, and for this guy to come in here not dressed up in women's clothes or a demon costume and try to read to our children---well, we won't stand for it, I tell you what," said Zed Manners, a concerned parent. "What has this country become when a white guy can simply come into our library and spread his dangerous ideas about whiteness and heterosexuality to our nation's youth? What do we do when people start thinking it's OK not to grow up to be a drag queen?"

"This isn't the America I grew up in, I'll tell you that much," Zed concluded.

At publishing time, the library had apologized for the event and scheduled an "Occult Transgender Satan Worshiper Story Hour" in order to make up for its indiscretion.
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By emilynghiem
Link below is to a song satire on Obama
dating back to 2013:
"GANGSTA STYLE" spoof on Gangnum Style:


For the 2016 Election, I had written a song spoof on Hillary Clinton,
from the viewpoint that she was going to win despite all
the opposition and hype on the media. But I didn't want
to post it after she lost because the song was about her boasting
she was going to win anyway. I added the anti-Trump
intro afterwards (see footnotes below):

Satire on "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears

As Billy Clinton's wife, I paid the price
I lived a life of sacrifice
I waved, and I smiled,
Rolling eyes at his alibis

Because I never quit
That makes me fit
To run the government (and profit off of it)
I'm your next President!

I'm a third term for Obama
Caused the whole Benghazi drama
What's the difference and harm
In paying back Iraqi karma

Next to Trump causing trauma
I'm more looking like the Dalai Lama
Every day (what can I say)

I'm Mrs. "Email servers, not again!"
Who cares if Russia hacked my Facebook friends?
I'm Mrs. "Tell the truth and never lie"
Don't believe me, ask the FBI!

(Eat it up, Donald Trump, Give it up)

I've got the Corporate Media
Eating out of my hand
While legal lobbyists have chopped apart
The Law of the Land
Corrupting every branch of Government
From Congress to Courts,
Now are you SURE you wanna mess with me?

Hey you Domestic Terrorists
The IRS is after you
Forget the Crisis over ISIS
I'll just pay off a few!
I'll drive the NRA so crazy
The State finds you incompetent
(And takes away your Armament)
Thanks to your President!

I'm a Democrat, I can't be racist
I'll put those rightwing bigots in their places
When all the "Leftard Liberals" vote for me
Because that "D" stands for Diversity!
(I'm making history
When I win the Presidency)

I've had my eye on the prize, since I've been Clinton's wife
I lived through lies, and wild alibis
Too big to fail, or go to jail, I've got that
"D" behind my name
As my ticket and my claim to fame
If you want Transparency
Stay home
for me!

I'm Mrs. "Sanders Voters, not again!"
What's up with Trump and grumpy old white men?
They must be sexist if they don't want me
To be the first woman in history
To win the Presidency

It's Trump who's gonna feel the burn
I've laundered more in bribes than he has earned!
It's women's turn to rule the world
If you don't like it, hire some other girl!
I've got the Presidency
I'm making history....

[Footnote: Anti-Trump INTRO
Satire on "Womanizer" by Britney Spears

Could've bought your own TV show
But instead
You bought the White House for your Ego
Ya use Fake News to throw Ted Cruz
Beneath the Bus so he would lose
And you could win
You'd say anything, wouldn't you?

Damage done
No wonder why nobody trust you
Left and Right -
We should unite until we bust you!
Policing every Tweet you Tweet
and every speech you speak
Until we find the best
Excuse to impeach you:

Backstabber, Pussy-grabber!
Race-baiter, Beanie-Hater!
Oh, One percenter Racist
You're a Sex Offender Rapist!

Liar, Liar!
Pants on Fire!
Wealthy with Emoluments
No, you're not my president!

Don't you vote for Trump
You're just a racist chump!
If you stump for Trump
We'll throw your business in the dump!

Liberal Troll, Russian Mole!
The man disgusts us,
Obstructing Justice!

If you vote for Trump, you're just
Another racist chump
Don't you stand for Trump
We'll toss your business in the dump!

We must resist
This Narcissist
Russian Mole,
Liberal Troll!
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