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By Demosthenes
Off we go...
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By Paradigm
How MMT Theorists See Obama's Speech

My fellow New Yorkers,

I have a proposal to help our retired NYC workers that you can all pass, and it will be fully paid for.

I propose that all retired NYC workers be given 20 subway tokens per month so that they can better afford to ride the trains.

And to pay for this program, I propose that for every 10 subway tokens we collect at the turnstiles, one token will be set aside to be given to the retirees.

Yes, I know we have a long term token deficit problem, as each year we issue many more tokens than we collect. And as you know, we have established a committee to deal with this by Thanksgiving.

But, as I said, this program will be fully paid for, with tokens set aside as we collect them…
Uneasy Calm In Gaza After SOAS EGM Vote

Fighting has ended in Gaza after an urgent vote at the SOAS Student Union's Extraordinary General
Meeting condemned the 'aggression' of the Israeli government. Forty Palestinians, most of whom
are believed to be civilians, died in the week-long fighting which also killed two Israeli soldiers.
Clashes began after a number of rockets launched from Gaza hit a warehouse near the town of
Sderot, injuring one worker.

Uri Dotan, the official spokesman for Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has said that the Israeli
government rejected the accusations of aggression, stating that it was legitimate action to 'dismantle
Hamas's infrastructure of terror in Gaza'. Senior Israeli officials have said, however, that Netanyahu
was keen to avoid a repeat of the diplomatic and political 'gallery crisis' caused when SOAS
students occupied the Brunei Gallery in 2009. The events caused a major rift in the Israeli Labor
Party, isolating Defence Minister Ehud Barak and cutting the coalition government's majority after
the pro-SOAS faction of the party joined opposition ranks.

In Gaza, the news of the vote was met with jubilant celebrations on the streets, as the people of
the blockaded enclave took to the streets to express their support for the SOAS union's decision.
Omar al-Hiya, a Gaza resident and restaurant owner, thanked the union 'for their brave declaration
of solidarity, which has stopped the Israeli aggression against our people'. The decision has not
been universally welcomed, however, with Hamas Legislative Council member Ahmad Bahar
stating that 'whilst we are thankful to SOAS for ending the violence, it is indicative of the corrosive
effects of the occupation for our people that a Western body would become the shining light of our
resistance to the Zionists'.

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