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By Thunderhawk
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By Thunderhawk
Rush Limbaugh Calls Sandra Fluke a Slut - Reformed Whores' Response Video
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By QatzelOk
In an excellent take on the fading commercial newspaper industry,Wayne MacPhail wrote:In further proof that the link economy is a deep mystery, more and more newspapers are erecting paywalls, thinking they are zoos filled with scarce, exotic animals when in reality they're more like puppy mills in a land of strays.

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By Ombrageux
That's excellent Qatz, but this is the real link. It's really true too. A lot of old/pretend media people simply don't effing get it, arguing moronic things like:
* Don't link to "competitors"!
* Journalists shouldn't Tweet!
* What we really need is a nice glossy cellulose supplement!

Old habits die very, very hard.
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By Thunderhawk

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