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By Demosthenes
Its been a week, I can't believe you guys aren't using this place already!
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By JohnRawls
Best satire post 2013 mike.
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By JohnRawls
Guy 4 Sex Security Corporation is Funny. How can anybody in their right mind let them protect Bildenberg.
By Quantum
Ter wrote:Image

They should put next to the green guy, funded by Western governments in Libya and Syria.
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By Donna
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By ThirdTerm

A new feminist Twitter account came up this week and it has amassed close to 100,000 followers within a week because it attracted a lot of media attention. It has been revealed that a Brown University senior, who is a feminist and a Taylor Swift fan, is behind this Internet sensation and she came up with the idea for a feminist Taylor Swift account when she was walking home, listening to Swift. I personally think this is a brilliant idea and a social networking site can be a catalyst for social change.
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By MissTNT
If Taylor Swift is considered a "Catalyst for Social Change" in my field or anything else that actually involves anything to do with my real life, then I think I'll just go ahead and blow my brains out now. Thank you. Guess I never really needed theme in the first place.[…]

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