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By Demosthenes
Hurry up before I start telling bad jokes...
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By SpecialOlympian
Hoy wrote:
Sleeping Cow Halts Toronto Traffic

Toronoto, Canada. By Jose Da Silva-Jimenez

All traffic travelling to and from Toronto today came to a stop when a cow from a nearby dairy escaped and decided to nap on Toronto's only road. While waiting for the Canadian military to respond, Torontulans waited politely for the cow to leave.

"It just wandered into the street and stood there for a while. Then it just kept standing there," said Joe Welks, carpenter and father of three. "A few people honked because the traffic wasn't moving, but after I went back and explained why they apologized."

After several hours of waiting, most cars turned around and went home. But not all of them. Earl Daily was one of many who stayed behind to wait for the Canadian military to arrive. For many, it was the most exciting thing to happen in their small town for months.

"Some people in tan cargo shorts pulled up in a Honda Civic. They pet the cow for a while, and then after they gave it some sugar cubes it followed them home. I don't know where they went. I bet they took it back to the farm."

And that's the question on the mind of all Torontulans. Where did the cow go? Some are demanding answers. #wherecow has trended as the most popular Canadian Twitter tag in years, having been retweeted nearly six dozen times.

"I just want to know where the cow is. It's a reasonable question," said Johnson Johanson, 42 year old civil engineer.

A simple question indeed. But so far, the Canadian government has not been forthcoming.
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Slow news day in Canada, eh.
I assume this is satire.
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