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ImageSamantha Lewthwaite is shown here in the last known picture of herself.

A young, innocent British high school girl has been viciously attacked and murdered by the news media for the crime of being white and Muslim. The media accused Lewthwaite of personal involvement in the Nairobi mall terror attack despite having no credible evidence of such. Based solely upon the testimony of one attack survivor who said that an individual with long hair was sighted among the attackers, the media then profiled and stalked Lewthwaite through the press. The real reason they did this is because Lewthwaite was white, a Muslim and married to a 7/7 bomber. Days after the attack ended, no evidence of Lewthwaite's alleged involvement has surfaced.

Was Lewthwaite profiled, stalked and killed by the media for wearing a head scarf and being married to a Muslim?

The reality is that Lewthwaite was an innocent young girl widowed at an early age by events beyond her control. Racist, God-hating liberals in the media have tried to defame her just because she was white and Muslim, when in reality she was just an innocent young girl as the picture used here proves. Look at that face. How kind and insecure she looks? That shy smile? How could that face have done any wrong?

Angela Merkel recently weighed in on the tragedy perpetrated by the liberal media. "If I had a daughter, she would have looked like Samantha Lewthwaite," the Fuhrer was noted as saying. "This is a horrible tragedy and we are reviewing the possibility of blaming the Greeks for it, or maybe Spain."

Meanwhile, Lewthwaite's actual whereabouts remain unknown.

Geraldo, shirtless and in his 70's (he looks good for his age!) weighed in upon the tragedy: "White women should not wear head scarves, especially not in Europe. Let's be honest, Europeans are still racist and they are embarrassed about Christianity, but they hate Muslims even more. When Samantha wore a head scarf, it made people immediately assume that she was Muslim and therefore involved in a terror attack-" Bill O'Reilly cut him off: "Samantha was Muslim and therefore she probably was involved in a terror attack, but there's no indication that it was this terror attack. Even so, something like this had to happen sooner or later if she didn't change her ways."

A million head scarf march had been organized to pass by MSNBC headquarters and the Daily Mail, but only 350 or so people showed up.
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