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We should make liberal use of this;
The Immortal Goon wrote:I agree. I was just trying to facilitate something that might be easier to edit. But it definitely needs to be more sexualized.

Right now it sort of has this, "Is this a joke about how Muslims can't eat pork?" vibe to it because it's mocked up as food instead of fuck flesh.

Did another one. Added a fourth character, improved Cameron's posture, the pig plate, the line width and added a ball gag.


The tongue is perhaps a bad decision. How can he speak with his tongue hanging out? But heh. The line thickness is perhaps also a bit too emphasized.
She seems oddly calm at the thought of becoming a sheik sex slave. Perhaps you have information I don't?
^ it's not Kate Middleton, it's one Cameron's aides. Also, I gave her the Marilyn Monroe tout-tip. But you're right, it looks flat. I'm still looking for a style that works.
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